Understanding Astrology

Astrology is a study of the influence of stars, planets, moon and sun on the lives of humans and other animate entities. It studies the movement of stars, planets, moon and sun, and their changing patterns and traits to discover their effect on human lives. Astrology, by common acceptance, is believed to be a science involving the prediction of the possible future events in the lives of individuals by the observation and the interpretation of their planetary positions.

Astrology plays a pivotal part in the making of human horoscopes, which involve the outline of every human’s life as per his / her planetary positions. It is generally believed that a human horoscope contains every single detail about a human, such as one’s nature, one’s aspirations, one’s weaknesses, one’s past, present and future, one’s strengths, predictions about one’s health, career, financial position, married life, and so on. Apart from this, an astrological horoscope contains all the details regarding the earthly life events which according to the planetary positions of an individual are going to happen / or happened / or happening in his / her life. The experts, scholars and believers of astrology have a firm faith on this discipline that astrology has the power to affect, alter, mould and modify the lives and destinies of people.

Why Astrology?

In the modern times, astrology has become a highly popular study. People now – a – days do not take astrology as a study, but as a necessity. Astrology, as already discussed, is believed to have the capability to modify human fate. It is believed that by following astrological predictions and warnings at times and by performing astrological remedies (based upon the planetary requirements), one can avoid unfortunate circumstances and events. For instance, suppose it is written in one’s fate that one is going to have a major accident on some particular date at some particular time. But if the person takes proper astrological guidance in advance through his / her astrologer, then s/he may get to know the possibility of the accident in advance along with some suggested astrological remedies to avoid / lessen the effect of the mishappening. In such a case, if the person performs the suggested remedies in advance, then astrology says that the accident surely will happen (as we cannot stop what is destined), but it will happen at a very minor level. Performing astrological remedies will convert the major accident to a mere minor bruise or scratch. That’s the magic of astrology! It is believed to be the cure of everything. It simplifies human life in very easy ways. All one needs to have is just a fistful of faith and patience. 

Use of Astrology in Different Arenas


Many people confuse in the use of astrology. They simply assume it to be similar to vaastu shastra or fengshui. Some think that astrology is just a way of knowing about future. But in real, astrology plays a highly significant role in a plethora of arenas like, health, education, career, wealth, relationship, etc. Discussed below is the role of astrology in different areas:

• Astrology and Health

Astrology plays a highly crucial role in regard to human health. Under astrology, it is believed that every planet and house of horoscope is associated with different body parts. Moreover, every zodiac sign is associated with different body parts and illnesses. The ones having a certain planet placed in a certain house and / or the ones having some certain zodiac sign along with some other combinations are believed to suffer from some certain illness / illnesses. For instance, it is believed that the ones having Saturn placed in a malefic position in their horoscope generally have quite weak eyesight.

Another example is that the ones having Mercury placed in a malefic position in their horoscope, or Mercury sharing a common house with its enemies or other malefic planets generally have tooth and / or skin problems, depending upon the extent of malefic effect. However, the cure of almost everything is possible in astrology. A simple way in astrology to strengthen one’s Mercury is to regularly feed green gram dal to birds. Sounds simple, no? But one is advised never to perform any astrological remedies without proper guidance from an experienced astrologer as all remedies aren’t meant for everyone. But the astrological remedies are really simple for everyone.

• Astrology and Education / Career

Astrology is believed to have a crucial effect on one’s education and career. Students and professionals often face problems like, lack of confidence, inability to concentrate in a proper manner, confusion, double – mindedness, etc. All this happens as per one’s planetary positions. But astrology says that by doing the prescribed astrological remedies meant for one, one can get rid of all the problems that obstruct one’s educational / professional life. For instance, it is believed that applying saffron tilak on one’s forehead strengthens the position of Jupiter in one’s horoscope and turns its effect to be positive, which consequently improves one’s concentration and boosts one’s confidence.

• Astrology and Wealth

It amazes many people that how some children are born with a silver spoon, whereas some are born in extremely poor families. Well, all this is a game of fate, and fate is inevitable. But astrology holds the power to turn the tables for those struggling with financial issues. By doing proper astrological remedies after consulting some expert astrologer, one can easily overcome one’s financial problems as it is believed that one’s wealth is destined as per the planets in one’s sukh and laabh sthaan. Apart from this, many people often incur huge losses whenever they make investments. But doing astrological remedies in advance gives one proper sense to invest in the right place at the right time, which consequently helps one in prospering in life. 

• Astrology and House

It is the dream of almost every person to have a home of one’s own. But only a few become able to live this dream. Astrology says that the position of Saturn in one’s horoscope determines one’s fate and fortune regarding the yog of own house. Some people have such planetary positions that their horoscope states in advance that they can never get the sukh of living in their own home. But astrological remedies can solve this issue as well.

Astrology and Relationship / Marriage / Child

Astrology has always been very popular as a way to solve relationship, marriage and child issues. It often happens that one faces several issues in one’s marital life / relationship. But there exist numerous astrological remedies to solve such problems. Also, some parents struggle a lot due to maanglik dosha in their child’s horoscope, which delays his / her marriage to a great extent.But all this has solutions in astrology. Also, the one’s struggling in a childless marriage find solutions in astrology, and get blessed with child.

In conclusion, it can be said that astrology is a kind of healing science which helps us get rid of our problems in just a handful of easy steps. All we need to do is to consult some good astrology expert and perform the prescribed astrological remedies with complete faith and patience.

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