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April 2- World Autism Awareness Day


Today as the world celebrates the ninth World Autism Awareness Day, this is a proud moment for all the human civilization in terms of how far we have come to make this world take in everyone. Each year, people all over the world supports who suffer from Autism and show their support by wearing blue color and performing various skits as well.

Autism is no disease but a medical condition that is found in children that makes it difficult for them to speak and do normal activities like others. Hence the work like reading, writing or speaking for that matter which we all take for granted is quiet difficult for them. Scientists have claimed that children with Autism are very creative as their mind functions more in that direction.

April 2- World Autism Awareness Day

It is very important to understand that Autism is not a disease but a mere condition which can be improved by efforts in the right direction and good counselling. A child who suffers from this feel a lot more vulnerable than others and hence one should be more sensitive towards his or her feeling.  A lot of work is being done in this direction and now a sight of special schools who teach such kids and colleges has become quiet common. Here are a few myths about Autism that you should totally avoid:

  • Autism is contagious
  • Autism suffering children cannot study. In fact they are more creative than others.
  • Please don’t be judgmental in your approach and try to understand them.
  • All the require is support and a belief that they too can lead a normal life.

Amy Gravino has very rightly said about Autism that “I believe that inside every person who is bullied there is a strength and a tenacity to survive. You don’t always know that this strength exists, but if you make it through those dark times, you become aware. You become a survivor, someone whose courage and spirit is far stronger than all of the hate and cruelty of their bullies. The one thing that I want to impart to children with autism is knowledge of their own inner strength, and the belief that one day at a time, they, too, can get through this”. This certainly gives people hope that there is a future for all and all they require is just some support and love.

Let us all take a pledge to respect each and everyone and help those who need us. The human civilization has grown from using stones to create a fire to now having robots as our servants. In spite of this we are unable to welcome all without any indifference. No body is superior or inferior. We all are equal and the day we all understand it will be the day we have developed. Let us all help each other grow and make this Earth a better place for all. Spread the word!

April 2- World Autism Awareness Day

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