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A Story Of A Lady

I have perhaps forgot my name in last 7 years. Because hardly people call me by my name. To my family I am either “choto bou” or ” choto kakima” or just “choto”.

I got married in this “Laha” bari when I was just 18 years. Due to sudden economic fall of the company, my father lost his job. And after few days he lost his life. My mother thought it was safe to give my marriage.

Since my childhood, my relatives, friends, neighbours and others used to appreciate my beauty. I also took pride in it. People also insisted me to become a model but due to our financial condition and orthodox thinking of my parents especially my father I couldn’t indulge myself in that.

The whole Laha family came to see me on a rainy day in the month of August. All I knew was that their youngest son of the family was Satish and he is the one to whom I will get married. My friends used to say my beauty will make many handsome fall for me and even after class 10 when I started going to English tuitions I also did get many love proposals.

Out of 15 people I spotted a Satish at ones. Only ones I had eye contact with him that day. He never cared to look at me. His mother asked do I know to do all household choirs. When she came to know my mother had trained me very well in household choirs, she at ones agreed to the proposal of marriage. They decided my marriage in the month of November.

After that day I met Satish directly on the day of my marriage. Like every groom he was shy to look at me. Even I too felt the same. That evening I got married to Satish.

On the day of reception in the midst of the relatives he loitered around me. I over heard people saying ‘This girl had tied this innocent boy in her grip.’ They didn’t know that I didn’t speak a word to him.

From the evening he was found moving around the bed room. I last saw him at 5:30 near the room where I was sitting alone. After that day I did not see him till today.


At 8:00 the whole family searched for him. But he was not found. Then I got to know sometimes he used to elope from house like this to Belur Moth. He admired the Saints and wanted to be one. But after that day he did not return.

Sometimes people used to console me but they never thought about any solution. No one did ever put themselves in my shoes. But I am definitely grateful to this ‘Laha’ family because they offered me shelter and food for last 7 years.

As I couldn’t finance in this family hence the job of all household work fell on me. From cleaning the house to teaching my niece Kuttu and Shiya was my job for all these days. In return they gave me a a room to stay and food.

One day I overheard Kuttu complaining his mother ‘ I saw choto kakima throwing letter to our neighbour Belu Kaku.’ From that day everyone used to doubt my every step.

Belu da was a director of bengali commercial films. The day he first saw me, he asked me if I am interested in modelling. I smiled away.

He continuously poked me with it. Sometimes I used to feel he is taking advantage of my situation but later I realised. No! This man really wants to bring me out of the dark world. When none was there beside, me when the tears dried up on its own on my cheeks he took the effort to bring a new life for me.

Yes, I used to talk to Belu Da by exchanging letters through window. My mother in law one day called me in her room and strictly said to close all the windows of my room. For the last time that day I threw a letter to him and next day morning I left ‘Laha Bari’.

On the next day my family found both me and Belu Da missing. Belu Da didn’t marry, he used to live with a servant. Everyone cursed me at home. They felt ashamed of me, for whatever I have done. They said if I again come back to their house they would throw me out of there.

One day Shiya while returning home got a magazine whose cover was my picture. She brought it to my house. My father in law for ones saw my photo and scolded Shiya and said her if she does any sort of these things she would suffer a lot. He immediately threw the magazine in a high drain. When my other in-laws came to know that my picture was up on a magazine they said,’ Seeing her picture is also a great sin.’

sareeI got to know all these from the servant in Belu Da’s house. He even informed me that my brother in law lost his job and the financial condition of the house was very down. One evening I went to that house. I didn’t enter. From outside I called for my mother in law. She came out. By then I was quite famous in the industry. She came out wearing a torn Saree. Without any word, I handed  her a blank cheque and said her, ‘Ma, Belu Da is just a brother to me. I don’t stay with him. I own a house and there I stay alone.’ She took the cheque from me and I left the house.

Aritraa Datta
Aritraa Datta
Being a student of Communicative English I love to reach out to people with my own views and opinion of today's world.Travelling being my hobby I get to know about people's custom, culture, language, belief etc which give a clear image of the psychology of people throughout the world.


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