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A Full Body Massage – You Need One Now And Here’s Why!

I don’t think I really need to give reasons to why you need a full body massage. A day of work tires out each one of us so much that a full body massage is just the best ending. The veritable cherry on top, if you will. The relaxation that comes with a full body massage, and being forced to stay and calm your mind down for at least an hour, is a good respite from the bustle of daily life.  And while it is soothing, a full body massage carries with it benefits more than just the comfort. So, here are the top ten reasons you should get a full body massage today.

A full body massage can refresh your skin in a way that you cannot do at home.

Our body is not just our skin, features and organs. Along with the various layers of tissues present that make up our skin, there is a layer of dead skin cells on top that are created regularly. Millions of skin cells die and new ones are created every day. But simple washing or scrubbing cannot remove all these dead cells. A gentle body massage accompanied by lotion and oil works to exfoliate all the dead skin cells from your body, making your skin look refreshed.

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Nervous System Relaxation

The skin and every part of the body are connected to nerves and nerve endings. So every touch, sensation that you feel is because your nervous system reacts a certain way to a certain action. And the same goes with a massage. A professional masseuse knows the right points to massage to provide the maximum relief. Even if you have a mostly sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a desk for hours can make your muscles stiff and lethargic, and regular exercise and a massage will do you good.

What does a relaxed nervous system mean for you? It means that not only do your muscles feel the relief, your hormone production shall also balance itself out. Stress hormones are then released in lesser numbers and feel-good hormones are secreted in larger ones. These hormones in turn regulate your sleep cycles and your level of activity when awake. They can even out your blood sugar and regularize the amount of food you eat.

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Muscle system relaxation

Muscles aren’t just slabs of flesh under our skin that cover our skeleton. Muscles are also incorporated with nerves, bloodstreams, capillaries and lymph nodes. When stretched and squeezed, they release de-oxygenated blood and lymph fluids, and upon relaxation absorb fresh blood and lymph, refreshing the muscles with fresh oxygen and rejuvenating fluids. Massaging does this job very well and masseuse know the spots that we normally fail to stretch.

A Better Bone Blood Supply

Your bones aren’t just something that lay encased within your muscles with no function other than holding you up. Your bones also have nerve endings and a blood supply within them. Bone marrow is created in the centre of your bones too. Massages increase blood circulation and a better blood flow guarantees more calcium and minerals to your bones. Your skeletal system shall receive more relief and get a better supply of much needed nutrients.

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A Healthy Heart

A Heart is all about pumping. With four compartments built just for filtering and directing good and bad blood to the right places, the heart’s only job is to circulate blood to all parts of your body. The pressure provided during a massage increases the ease at which blood reaches your organs. And better circulation gives some much needed ‘rest’. Your heart doesn’t stop, it never does unless and until you experience an attack or death. However, your blood pressure regularizes and your heartbeats slow down to normal.

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Digestive Wellbeing

Mental and physical stress can have adverse effects on the body, and mainly the digestive system. Depending on the person, the effects could range from a lethargic metabolism and digestion to stomach upsets and vulnerability to infections. Your nervous system, or at least a section of it regulates your digestion. It also acts as a message relay system for when you need enzymes like saliva, gastic juices and insulin.  Some massages relieve the pressure from your large intestine. When the passage of movement is smooth, the entire digestive system is geared to move as smoothly as possible. This relieves your body, and has it feeling much more active than it would have usually.

Your Personal Lymphatic Detox

Remember your appendix? The organ that school says is useless, vestigial. Well, it’s not. Not really. The appendix is a part of your lymph system. Like the circulatory system, your lymph system is present in all parts of your body and is connected with capillaries to your bloodstream. The lymph system keeps the blood fluid levels in your body balanced and protects your body from infections.

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Lymph contains proteins, helpful bacteria, salts and other substances. Massages, just as they activate your bloodstream, can activate your lymph too. Your lymph requires the pressure and ease to travel through your body more effectively. And the ease can also put your body at peace and comfort. Massages can further prevent infections and further pain.

Improved Breathing

Some masseuse will ask you to take a deep breath before they begin their massage. They do this to induce a feeling that you’re breathing a sigh of relief with your exhale. Relaxation of breath is one of the fastest and easiest ways to obtain stress relief and the comforting pressure helps. While your breathing apparatus, the lungs, diaphragm are all inside your body, thankfully, they need relief too. And massages help with that. The muscles surrounding your lungs, your ribs and chest assist breathing.

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Improved skin tone

A common misconception about skin tone is that melanin content is the base factor on how good one’s tone is. While melanin has its own contributing factors, an improved skin tone speaks to the health of the skin. The more even the skin tone, the healthier the skin. This can happen due to a multitude of reasons including vitamin content, but massages can marginally contribute. Masseuses generally use a litany of oils that help rub out dead skin cells and replenish dry skin.

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A heightened sense of mental alertness

Massages act as both a relaxant and stimulant to the body. When pressed on the right pressure points the nerves of your body and gives you a certain amount of relaxation during the massage. After the course of the massage, when your body has received the adequate relaxation, your muscles activate. Your muscles shall feel more stimulated, and you shall suddenly be incredibly active.

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