young beautiful asian woman practicing yoga
young beautiful asian woman practicing yoga in the garden

In today’s world full of fake news, it pays to do plenty of research in order to make sure you’re not following a rabbit hole that leads to a bunch of lies. You don’t want to share or say something among friends only to find out that your source is some random schmuck on Twitter.

Besides fake news, there are tons of health myths out there that get passed around. Some become ingrained in your brain and you might be surprised to know that they are false after a while.

Below, we’re going to run over six health myths that you should start ignoring or telling others to ignore.

All Cholesterol is Bad

Cholesterol has a bad reputation. If it was a human, it’d be that scary looking guy you see standing on the street corner every day. There are two types of cholesterol, LDL and HDL. You want to have good levels of HDL in your body because it carries the bad cholesterol to your liver where it is deposited.

Having high levels of LDL is dangerous, which can lead to clogged arteries and heart disease. It’s important to remember the difference!

Cold and Wet Weather=A Cold

It makes sense, right? Cold weather means you’re more likely to get a cold. It’s in the name!

The cold comes from bacteria or viruses, which could be anywhere, anytime. This doesn’t mean you should brave the cold without gloves or a hat, as that could lead to other problems like hypothermia or frostbite. But if your grandmother is really bugging you to wear a hat, just go ahead and put one on.

Crack Your Knuckles for Arthritis

Our parents told us that cracking your knuckles was like buying a one-way ticket to arthritis-ville. They probably told you that because it can be incredibly annoying and may make people cringe. The truth is, cracking your knuckles has no effect on your arthritis chances.

That sound is simply the popping of the fluid that lubricates your hands. It can lead to reduced grip strength or swelling, but nothing else. Still, don’t believe us? Check out this experiment from a doctor who cracked knuckles on one hand for SIXTY YEARS.

Do You Exercise a lot? Eat Whatever You Want!


You’re an adult so we can’t tell you exactly what to do, but those that exercise often think that gives them a free pass to eat whatever they want. “I ran 5 kilometers today, I deserve that pizza.” No, you don’t.

Exercising, unless you’re a top-level athlete, doesn’t burn as many calories as you might think. So even though you went and ran for 30 minutes today, that doesn’t mean you can eat a whole pizza. In fact, you’ve already consumed all the calories you lost and added some on, meaning you’re not back to ground zero, but further underground.

Eating Before Bed Equates to Weight Gain

Now, while it’s true you don’t want to stuff yourself before you lay your head down to sleep just because you eat before bed doesn’t mean you’re more likely to gain weight. If you’re feeling hungry, have a light snack filled with protein. The trick is to avoid junk food and stick to healthy eating.

Some studies show that a light-protein snack can actually jumpstart your metabolism. The most important part is that you are getting your daily caloric intake.

Sugar is Evil

white and brown sugar sand and refined sugar

Similar to the idea of cholesterol, plenty of people believe that all sugar is bad for you. It should be avoided at all costs and shunned with all your worldly energy.

And just like cholesterol, there are different kinds of sugar. Processed sugar is found in candy, sweets, donuts, sodas, etc. while you can find natural sugar in dairy products, fruits, veggies, and even some dairy products.

Want a Six Pack? 10000 Sit Ups a Day for You!

Fit fitness man doing fitness exercises outdoors at city
Fit fitness man doing fitness exercises outdoor at city background. He doing hamstring leg exercise and stretches. male sports model exercising in summer at morning.

One of the biggest health and fitness myths out there, many believe that constant ab workouts will get them that Hollywood six pack they’ve always wanted. While ab workouts are important, they’re far from what everything you should be doing.

Getting those sweet abs requires plenty of work in the kitchen. Some equate it to 90% kitchen and 10% gym. Make sure you follow a healthy diet with plenty of protein options.


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