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5 Tips with Which Microsoft 70-741 Exam Wouldn’t Be Hard for You. And the Use of Exam Dumps

When most candidates think about taking exams, they become anxious. Of course, you wouldn’t blame them for that. Exams, and more so technical exams can be unpredictable. No candidate is sure about what questions might appear or even which best way can be used to succeed in them. If you’re the one who is on the way of earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification

by passing the Microsoft 70-741 exam and is in the process of registering or even revising for your exam, this article is for you. You need not worry about what next to do since this article has been prepared to give you tips on how you can pass it. The exam won’t be hard for you when you are equipped with the tips to pass it. Before we go there, let’s find out what exactly is the target of this Microsoft test.

Exam 70-741 Details

Microsoft exam 70-741 practice test stands between the exam 70-740 and 70-742, so it’s the second one on the way of gaining the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. It’s designed for professionals seeking to learn and master the networking abilities and functions of this Windows Server that’s why it’s also known as the Networking with Windows Server 2016 test. The topics you will be tested in this exam are the following: 

  • DNS implementation
  • DHCP and IPAM implementation
  • Network connectivity solutions implementation
  • Implementing solutions for remote access/core networks/distributed networks
  • Advanced network architecture implementation

The other details of this exam are:

  • Exam questions: 40-60
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Types of Questions: active screen, drag-and-drop, review screen, best answer, multiple-choice, case studies, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and others
  • Pass score: 700/1000 marks
  • Exam Cost: $165

5 Tips to Pass Exam 70-741

Exam-labs.com has ever gone through an exam understands how if feels to pass or fail. Passing means a lot of excitement and pride that makes you feel good about yourself. But what happens when a candidate fails? There’s definitely going to be disappointment and discouragement. One would be tempted to sometime think of themselves as not good enough. However, this should never be your case. Use the tips provided below to ace the test from your first trial and be the winner on your path of being a Microsoft certified specialist. So, here they are:

Know What You Want

Goal setting is important even for passing exams. Before you begin to study for your exam, find out why you need the certification you are sitting for. When it’s clear for you, determine how you’ll pass the required test and what you need to succeed in it. For example, you need to have a plan, to know the exam objectives, to find reliable prep material, a place you are going to study in. You should be confident in what you do and what is essential you need to be realistic. Thus, if you have difficulty on any stage, ask for help and know where you can get it.

Start Preparing Early

To pass the Microsoft 70-741 exam, you need to start your preparation several months before the exam date. The earlier you start, the better prepare you will be. A few days or weeks may not be enough. Ensure you give yourself enough time to study and have some extra time to revise the learned material. If you start your test preparation late, you won’t be able to cover the exam topics adequately. So starting early helps you to review the topics numerous times before the exam and focus on areas that still need your attention. 

Know What Has to Be Covered

The Microsoft website will give you what you require in terms of the topics to cover. Go through the list of topics as well as subtopics to understand the direction your revision should go. Find the concepts you need to have a thorough understanding of. This is also important in helping you know what study resources for 70-741 test to look for. 

Get The Right Exam 70-741 Study Resources

Your performance in the exam would depend on what you use to cover the given topics. Search for authentic and reliable resources availed specifically for the test. Available resources include exam 70-741 training courses, study books, exam dumps, and virtual labs. Here’s a breakdown of these crucial exam prep tools:

  • Instructor-Led Course: Networking with Windows Server 2016
  • Online Training Course: Basic Networking
  • Exam Ref 70-741 Official Guide
  • Exam-Labs 70-741 Exam Dumps
  • Free Windows Server 2016 Virtual Labs
  • Exam-Labs Video courses

Take Enough Rest In-Between Your Studies

Don’t study for long hours continuously as this can break you! You need some time to rest and restore your energy. For that plan your time in such a way that you have breaks between your learning process. If you pack too much information in your brain at one go, you’re most likely to suffer from burnout and even end up losing all you’ve read or studied. Always set aside time for relaxation. You deserve it, after all. 

Why Exam Dumps Can Help You Pass Exam 70-741?

Using exam dumps for 70-741 exam in your preparation process is an effective way to know that you are completely prepared for the test and get the passing score at the exam. Exam dumps provide you with the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam. Their target is to help you discover the areas you’re strong in and those you’re still to pay attention to. 

The thing that plays a key role in this process is to find the actual and updated material. For that, we advise you to check Exam-Labs website. It offers free vce files for 70-741 exam provided by the recent exam-takers, as well as the packages compiled by IT experts. Thus for $24,99 you can get the verified practice questions with answers, a video course, and a study guide. 

You’ll be taking the exam questions using the VCE Software that allows you to practice. Once you finish a session, you can always compare the answers you gave with the correct ones. Then you can focus on the areas you are still weak in. With such an approach, you cannot fail your Microsoft 70-741 exam. Moreover, using this modern educational tool, you’ll also know the types of exam questions and how to tackle them. So, exam dumps are great prep material to utilize if you’ve set the goal to pass the test from your first trial. 


Exams may not be easy to take and pass, but with the right resources for preparation, there’s no place for anxiety. Using the tips provided in this article, you can ace your Microsoft 70-741 exam at your first attempt and become a step closer to your MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. Knowing your goals, exam objectives, starting your preparation in advance, and using the most valid and actual material like exam dumps from Exam-Labs online platform will contribute to your success. Be the winner, earn your badge from Microsoft. 


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