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5 best ways to conclude your narrative essay

The very idea of writing a paper dedicated to a certain topic may throw off kilter any student, even the most knowledgeable one. Writing calls for a perfect combination of many skills and attainments, so not many students can handle it. Some struggle on their own, others ask for help from professional writers of reliable writing services like spider essay where they get timely and top-level assistance.

If you are stuck with narrative essay writing, here you can find workable ideas how to finish your essay, as nothing is more frustrating than struggling all way through the essay structure and getting waylaid at the very end.

Successful strategies of wrapping up the narrative essay

Often writers make meaning perfectly plain on what readers have to think or feel after finishing reading the paper instead of leading the reader to a needed conclusion but this conclusion has to be made by the reader single-handed. To achieve it, use one of these tips:

  • Spring sight into action

Show the image instead of telling your feelings. Do not be afraid to use as many metaphors and allegories as you wish to create a vivid image that causes certain sensations. If you doubt in the efficiency of using other ways of ending the essay, use image!

  • Use action

Do not tell about your feelings – show in movements and actions how these feelings make you do something. Avoid demonstrativeness as thus you state clearly what feelings should your readers feel.

  • Conclusive dialogue

If there were dialogues in the essay, such approach will be appropriate for the ending also. It can work out, if you do not include message or moral in the dialog. For some this way may sound strange and challenging, but trust us, the ending dialog may become an icing on the cake of your paper.

  • Use a reflection

If you want to add some clarity to the paper, then reflection is your way of ending. Tell what you think about the subject and how the things described in the essay affected you. Reflection deals with your experience and doesn’t show your feelings, so readers won’t be forced to feel like you want them to.

  • Summarizing

This is the most common way to wrap up the essay. There you have to provide brief statements of the main ideas stated in the paper. Thus you have to restate the main events (but that does not mean that you have to rewrite the whole paper!). As a result, in a few sentences you have to recollect important points and your perception of these events.

These are the main and the most performant ways of concluding the essay – use them to get the best possible writing experience!


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