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5 Adverse Health Effects of Divorce on Women

Divorces are messy, and they take a heavy toll on both the mental and physical health of both spouses. Unfortunately, when you get married, then statistically, there is a considerable chance of getting divorced because divorce rates have seen an unprecedented rise in the last few decades.

Among the two spouses, it is usually women whose health is hit the most by divorce, and therefore, they must look to follow different tips and tricks to improve their health condition. In this thread, we have discussed five adverse health effects of divorce on women to familiarize and prepare them for this emotional and physical onslaught.

1. Anxiety levels shoot:

Various psychotherapists report that anxiety levels of women shoot after divorce due to fear and uncertainty around the future. Situations like moving to a new home alone, getting a new job to handle household expenses, and surviving on less money, create uncertainties that leave them feeling deeply insecure.

Moreover, if they have children, then the whole system of handling them will also add to their anxiety levels. Therefore, it will be a good idea to chalk out a hassle-free system to handle children with the help of a lawyer as competent as Galveston divorce attorney. Otherwise, this continuous anxiety can lead to depression, which can further cause serious physical health issues.

2. Weight changes drastically:

Women may start developing unhealthy eating habits because that will help them receive a momentary dose of serotonin. But, they can also lose their appetite and go on what we call a ‘grief diet.’

As a result, they either gain weight or lose weight drastically, which can both lead to numerous medical conditions like obesity and anorexia.

3. More risk of cardiovascular diseases:

Multiple studies have reported that both divorced men and women are more at risk of getting plagued by cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes as compared to married men and women.

But, among the two spouses, women are at a higher risk of bearing the brunt of cardiovascular diseases because the stress of divorce increases the inflammation in their bodies.

4. Insomnia:

According to various experts, divorce leads to sleep deprivation and insomnia in women primarily because of divorce induced depression. The sleep deprivation further stresses your body and results in other health conditions like high blood pressure and high sugar levels.

5. Other chronic health situations:

Divorce and various health conditions go hand in hand. For example, divorce leads to depression and a lack of activity in women, which means less will to exercise regularly. As a result of poor mental health, the body starts to break down from the inside and does not only cause metabolic disorders like hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes but can also result in mobility issues like climbing stairs, etc.

In a nutshell, women should take more care of themselves while handling divorces because they can develop the conditions mentioned above, which can seriously compromise the quality of their lives.


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