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4 Reasons to Always Remove Makeup Before Bed

We have heard this a million times. From a friend, from mom, from that colleague who knows all about skincare. If you sleep without taking your makeup off, you are doing unbelievable damage to your skin. Even if it’s one night, it’s a mistake you don’t want to make if you love your skin. Let’s just say that you will be sure to take your make up off using makeup remover wipes every single time after reading this.

With busy days and long, tired nights, you often don’t have the energy to spend time taking your makeup off before hitting the bed, cleansing, and moisturizing your face. We’ve all been there. More than once! Everyone who tells you it’s not a good idea to sleep with makeup on is right. And we will tell you why.

1. Breakouts

Woman removing makeup
Woman removing makeup

The one word that scares every woman in the world. Breakout! Your foundation, concealer, and other pigmented makeup that’s made you look lovely all day can become the very reason for an unwanted breakout. Oil build-up, dirt, and dead skin cells can collectively clog the pores of your skin and cause chronic inflammation, which could lead to pimples. Ouch! Sleeping with your foundation on is harmful to all skin types, especially if you use an oil-based product. So, use quality makeup remover wipes to clean your face and then follow this with your nightly skincare regimen for healthy-looking skin.

2. Dullness

A night-time routine to take care of your skin should be on every woman’s to-do list. And step one of that is to remove all makeup. Not cleansing your face of any makeup or dead skin will result in a visibly dull complexion. Any build-up that stays on your face overnight will settle in your fine lines and creases, which will make your skin look older than you really are. And that is the opposite of why we use makeup in the first place. So, religiously clean using makeup remover wet wipes and exfoliate your skin from time to time, so it retains its natural shine.

 3. Eye infection

We are happy for you if you have so far avoided makeup induced eye infection. But why risk it? When you use mild makeup remover wipes to clean your eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, etc. off your skin, you eliminate the chances of any eye infection caused by makeup. Our everyday makeup contains chemicals like dyes & perfume that can cause bad reactions. Any residue leftover or around the eyes could easily enter your eyes when you sleep with makeup on. If not an infection, you could get an allergy, a rash, inflammation, or wake up with red, puffy eyes. It could make your acne even worse if you suffer from it already.

4. Dry skin

Beauty care product, dry female skin and hydration
Beauty care product, dry female skin and hydration

The biggest sign of healthy skin is that glow, that softness that we strive so hard to maintain. Why jeopardize that with a poor skincare regimen? Sleeping with makeup can cause your skin to become dry. And once this dryness settles in permanently on your skin, it’s difficult to reverse this effect. And even if you can, it will take tons of other products to start seeing some difference. Makeup, if not removed before sleeping, can easily clog the pores on your face, which leads to dryness. And it will need an even more extensive skincare schedule to cover this dryness with additional makeup. This also means that you will end up spending a lot of money to buy these products.

It just takes a few minutes, ladies. Spare the time and do it. Your skin will love you for it. Every night before sleeping, use fresh makeup remover wipes from reliable brands like SERY Cosmetics to get rid of all the makeup. Wash your face with a suitable face wash, spray some toner and finally, moisturize your face with a soothing face cream. Wake up to supple skin every day.


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