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4 Monaco Super Yachts to Make You Go Ohhhhh!

People are often uncertain about whether the billionaire jet set deserve the riches bestowed upon them by their families, business dealings or connections, but one thing is for sure: there are a few items that all self-respecting billionaires must have in order to declare their wealth to rivals and friends alike.

One of these is a yacht, and not just any yacht. These days you would be laughed at if you didn’t have a helipad or a Michelin star chef on board. Every summer the biggest yachts congregate in the Mediterranean to soak up the sun, the Monaco GP and to make a quick trip to the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Here are some of the biggest and best yachts that have been sighted in the famous gold-plated Monaco harbor.

4 Monaco Super Yachts to Make You Go Ohhhhh!
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Maltese Falcon

Although most super yachts these days tend to rely on their engines to propel them around the Med’s turquoise waters, the Maltese Falcon owned by hedge fund manager Elena Ambrosiadou has incredible sails which announce her arrival in Monaco’s port and are the envy of everyone on the dock. The boat only holds 12 guests at any one time, meaning only close friends or family are welcome to join her.


4 Monaco Super Yachts to Make You Go Ohhhhh!
4 Monaco Super Yachts to Make You Go Ohhhhh!

The longtime maritime partner of Microsoft co founder Paul Allen, the Octopus was only recently ousted as being the largest expedition yacht on the planet. Although Allen sadly passed away in 2018, he left behind two helipads, a swimming pool, a music studio and two submarines for the next owner, meaning whoever it is will never be bored. With so much entertainment packed on the boat’s multiple decks it’s rare for those on board to ever have to leave. Who knows? Perhaps people this rich shun Monte Carlo’s casino, restaurants and movie theaters, preferring instead to have the staff serve them popcorn in front of the home cinema or pop grapes into their mouths as they indulge in Oddschecker free spins from the comfort of the hot tub. Either way, this is a vessel that gives its passengers endless leisure options.


The go-to yacht for celebrity singers, producers and movie stars is undoubtedly Kismet, a 92-meter-long vessel with everything on board you would expect to find in a Hollywood Hills mansion. This includes a spa, movie theater, roaring outdoor fireplace and a winter garden (if you really want one of those at the height of summer…). The likes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been spotted aboard in Monaco and Netflix recently filmed a movie on deck.


Although it’s yet to be launched, AQUA is already making waves mainly due to the fact that it is rumored to be powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology, meaning it will be pollution free, simply expelling clean H2O rather than noxious fumes. Bill Gates was touted as having commissioned the yacht although he has rowed back on that chatter in recent months.

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Trudy Seeger
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