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17 Best Unexplored Places In India

We all know that India is famous for its rich culture and heritage. But do you know that there are also some best unexplored places in India ? Many times, it may happen that people, mainly tourists, visit the well known places and forget about the remaining ones. But every place has a history and not all spots are meant to be known and explored by all. However, after intense study and research, we have an article for you that would try to cover some of the best unexplored places in India. Not only would this cover the metro cities and known places, but there are also some towns and villages that you may never have heard about.

Why To Go For Unexplored Places This Time ?

While going through the title of the article, you must be wondering why it is necessary to go to an unexplored place. The thought may pop up in your mind, “Why go somewhere that we don’t know about ? And why can’t we go for a nice and famous spot rather than an undiscovered one ?”. Well, the answer is simple. Firstly, not all people visit these places. This means that you don’t have to wait in the queue for endless hours to get into a wildlife sanctuary or have to make a concrete plan for this.

Secondly, it won’t cost you as much as the other known spots do. Since less people visit the places, you can go there easily with less expenses. Lastly, you can enjoy the beauty of nature or architecture or whatever it was formed without worrying about anyone else. Unexplored places don’t always mean that you have to enter the deadliest jungles, which is shown in the movies most of the time. Who knows, after reading the entire article, you may find a place in your city too! So, here is the list of some best unexplored places in India.

The Best Unexplored Places In India

Jawai (Rajasthan)

Being on the top of the list of best unexplored places in India is Jawai of Rajasthan. A place well known for wildlife, it is the ‘Leopard Hills of India’. Also, there are a lot of migratory birds along with other creatures, which makes Jawai tempting.

Phugtal Gompa (Jammu & Kashmir)

One of the oldest and distant monasteries of Asia, it is situated in the caves of Zanskar. One can witness the sceneric beauty of this place while you cross the Tsarap river. However, the best time to visit Phugtal Gompa is between June to September.

Gandikota (Andhra Pradesh)

A remote village in the district of Kadapa, this place is a bliss in disguise of Andhra Pradesh. The beauty of this place is breathtaking and there is an ancient Gandikota Fort, which dates back to the 13th century.

Damro (Arunachal Pradesh)

Being in the list of the best unexplored places in India, it holds the longest hanging bridge of Arunachal Pradesh. This bridge is 1,000 feet. This place is filled with bamboo trees and houses, hanging bridges and a remote lifestyle.

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters (Madhya Pradesh)

A place of great historic importance, Bhimbetka is the most ancient place where humans started living from. There is clear and beautiful cave art that depicts the human evolution process in detail. The best time to visit this rock shelter is from April to October.

Mohammadpur Umri (Uttar Pradesh)

This is one of the most interesting and the best unexplored places in India. Did you know that this place has more twins than single children ? According to stats, there are about 65 twins in a place of 900 people ? Strange, but unique this place is.

Ponmudi Hills (Kerala)

Present among the gorgeous hills of Western Ghats, in between the amazing tea plantations is Ponmudi Hills. A perfect tourist destination that consists of forest areas with valleys, you can have a nice photoshoot session here.

Lepakshi (Andhra Pradesh)

Another place in the list of best unexplored places in India is Lepakshi from Andhra Pradesh. A beautiful temple devoted to Lord Veerabhadra (an incarnation of Lord Shiva), it is known for its stunning architecture and intricate paintings.

Lunglei (Mizoram)

With beautiful landscapes and lush green areas, this is the heart and soul of Mizoram. Moreover, this place is best for trekking, photography, adventure sports, bird watching, or simply admiring the beauty, all can be done here.

Velas (Maharashtra)

A small village of Maharashtra, it is one of the best unexplored places in India. Velas is filled with endangered species, and the locals have really done a great job in protecting and conserving the biodiversity of that place. It is also known for its endangered species of turtles.

Mandu (Madhya Pradesh)

A place not inhabited and known by  a lot of people, Mandu is one of the most beautiful and best unexplored places in India. This place is a great example of witty and on- point architecture. Furthermore, this place is the symbol of love between Prince Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati.

Daroji Sanctuary (Karnataka)

A ‘not so popular’ yet amazing place, this is one of the great Sloth bear sanctuaries of India. A well maintained place of Karnataka, it has preserved more than 125 sloth bears in the sanctuary.

Hemis (Leh)

A remote village with breathtaking landscapes is the Hemis village located in the district of Leh. It has the famous Hemis monastery, that is flocked every year, in the month of July. This place has a distinct range of wildlife such as langurs, deers, red foxes and marmots.

Chembra Lake (Wayanad Hills, Western Ghats)

Another mention of one of the best unexplored places in India from Western Ghats is the Chembra lake, present in the Wayanad hills. This place is literally the door to heaven on Earth. The striking feature about this lake is that it is heart shaped.

Champaner (Gujarat)

A place that is declared one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO, Champaner is a beautiful town of Gujarat. Present in the Pavagadh hills, it was said to be a fragment of Himalayas, that was brought here by Lord Hanuman, as per the mention in Ramayan.

Pilibhit Wildlife Sanctuary (Uttar Pradesh)

A great wildlife sanctuary lying along the border of India- Nepal, Pilibhit is definitely one of the best unexplored places in India. It attracts both flora and fauna enthusiasts.

Majuli (Assam)

A small island with spectacular views and greenery all around, Majuli is situated on the Brahmaputra river in Assam. It is the world’s largest river island and is breathtaking.

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