10 Useless Human Body Parts


The only sign of our existence is our body. If our body is in working condition then yes we are alive. But we all are barely concerned about our body part unless you are a doctor. Most of us might not know what the primary functions of our body part are. So thinking to make people more careless about themselves. I meant just want to aware people of the body parts which are completely useless so that people could be more carefree.

1.Body Hairs

Seriously ever thought what is the role of body hairs? Head hairs help us to insulate heat whereas eyelashes help to keep dust away from our eyes but what the hell does the body hairs do???

  1. Wisdom Teeth

Do you still think wisdom teeth improve your wisdom?  No my friends.. gone are those days when we actually did believe in those but seriously it don’t play any role in your body rather it causes only pain while removing.

3.Plica Semilunaris

It is basically considered as the 3rd eyelid and the work is while you stop your eye lid, it would be uncovered. But seriously guys do you find it is of any use? No I guess.

4.Male Nipples

I guess I don’t need to explain why this organ is useless. Men neither feed through their nipples nor are they capable of lactating. So it is of complete waste.


This organ is found between large intestine and small intestine. Basically this organ helps when the diet is mostly of vegetarian animals. So this organ is useless in a human’s body.

  1. Tonsil


This is the most inactive part of human body. It is basically found on both side of throat and is completely useless


Forget about the peoples, even the doctors are confused about this body part. Some suggest it is responsible for change in tone and pitch of people but still it’s a mystery and considered mostly as useless.

8.Arrector Pili

These are present close to hair follicle on the body. Basically it helps to make the hairs stand which we call as goose bumps. So I guess people can manage without goose bumps too.

9.Auricular Muscles

These muscles are present surrounding the outer ear and are used to swivel ears towards the direction of sound but that is found basically in animals. So completely useless for humans.

10. Coccyx

This, otherwise known as tailbone, was basically used by our ancestors who used to walk around with tails. But gone are our ancestors and gone are tails, so why the hell do we need it?