The best relationship is not the one being shared in good times, rather the one who has staying power in rough times. When you are in a steady relationship you no longer have to pretend to impress him, to do stuffs he would appreciate he accepts you the way you are even your imperfections. Both are in a comfort zone and your relationship is high on rock solid chart.

For those couples out there who are in dilemma of whether their relationship is serious or not here are 11 reasons to see whether your relationship is serious or not:

You make each other smile :

When you are in a relationship keeping one another happy s really important. Keep each other happy and satisfied.Bring a smile on your partner’s face and you yourself would feel good after all everybody wants a happy relationship.

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You deal with arguments positively :

Every relationship faces ups and downs but the main aim is to face your problems and deal with them positively. Forgiving and forgetting are the main keys. You will have arguments but do not let them spoil your elation, deal with them and move on. nrm_1407940741-happy-couple

You adore the little things too :

You know you are totally into your relationship when you adore every little thing your partner does. You always keep it in mind to appreciate them and let them know you liked it.  download (11)

Your communication skills are good and open :

You don’t have to hide anything from each other. You ca n tell each other what you are thinking and what you want and all the things that makes you happy.


You both are tuned into each other :

You both give priority to one another.You care for your relationship ad truly you want it to work.You have an idea how you both see the relationship. images (3)

You know each other’s family well :

You do not have to play the hide and seek game with your parents regarding your relationship. You can tell your families about your feelings since both of you are secure in your relationship.


You want the same future :

You both may have different dreams and pursue different careers but when it comes to your relationship you both want the same future be it marriage or kids or financial security.  images (4)

You acknowledge your problems :

 You want an ideal, happy relationship but you are willing to acknowledge the problems too. If there are certain things that are causing harm, you address them rather than shoving them under the carpet and pretending to be happy. 072d0a237e04fb721e377c22265663b9

You don’t have to make an effort but you don’t mind making it:

You are both super comfortable with each other and don’t have to put up an act. But you love dressing up and going on dates with him, you both do fun or crazy things together and love each others company.

The thought of your relationship makes you smile :

When you think of  both of you together you blush, when you think spending time with your partner all the anxiety and stress goes away. It makes you happy and the thought that you both are happy brings an ear to ear smile n your face.  download (12)

You know you love each other unconditionally :

You know you love your partner more than anything or anyone on earth. You know that life without them would be just impossible. You need them the most in your happy and hard times. You are afraid to lose your partner and always want them with you. images (6)

These above mentioned signs would surely help you figure out whether your relationship is serious or not.

shamayita Dey
shamayita Dey
I am an ardent writer and reader as well. I am a proud Bong. I love to enjoy life to the fullest.I like to help people.I am straight forward and like such people around.

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