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When Should You Change the Filter of Your Water Purifier?

In India, the water supply to most cities come from the local municipality where they are treated for harmful chemicals. However, you cannot always be sure about the quality of drinking water. Hence, investment in a good water purifier is essential, but getting a water purifier on rent is also a good idea. The water purifier consists of three parts and they are water input, filter, and outlet. The filtration process is a crucial component.

To keep up the goodness of the water purifier, the filters, and the membranes should be replaced at the correct interval. The filter uses several techniques to purify the water. Some of them use charcoal and carbon, whereas some use electric tubes and blend of membranes to destroy the impurities. Over the period, the germs and other contaminants get stored in the filter and do not allow the filter to work properly. In this article, we would tell you when you should replace the filter.

Why is it important to maintain the filter of the water purifier?

The reasons that make it necessary to get the filter replaced at certain intervals are mentioned below:

  • You can ensure that you are getting clean, safe, fresh, and 100% pure drinking water.
  • When the filter is replaced, it increases the lifespan of your water purifier.
  • If you can change the filters on time, you would have to spend less on its maintenance.
  • The updated filter keeps your water purifier in good condition and you can avoid being cheated by the deceitful service professionals.

When to change the filter of the water purifier?

You should change the filter on the below-mentioned occasions:

  • When recommended by the brand – It is important to purchase a water purifier from a reputable brand. A good brand always recommends the cycle of service. Most of the brands define the exact time of replacement. You should always stick to the recommendations and confirm an appointment with the technicians.
  • When the performance degrades – You should change the filter as soon as your water purifier lowers the performance. If you can trace any small change like a foul smell or change of taste in the water, you should get the filter changed right away. If you notice that the water output speed has reduced significantly, then it’s an indication to give away the current filter.

Factors to check before replacing the filter

The below-mentioned factors should be considered while replacing the filter:

  • Check the hardness or the TDS level of your input water.
  • Confirm the level of impurities existing in the input water source.
  • Ensure how much water is required to be purified by the water purifier of your home.

When technicians replace the filter of your water purifier, you should be careful about the filter that has been replaced. It is highly recommended to get the replacement done by skilled professionals. 

Alongside a water purifier, you can get an air purifier on rent for fresh air quality.


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