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Valentine week 

7TH February-Rose day

Red rose is the best gift as it is a symbol of love and it expresses the love in the best way. Pink rose is for admiration. The yellow rose is a cynic symbol for friendship. Gift it to your amigos for expressing your love towards them. Don’t forget your parents too. Gift them a white rose which expresses peace and purity and shows that you are soulfully grateful towards them. If we rearrange the words of rose then we get “Eros” and he is considered as a God of love.

8TH February- Proposal day.

To show the love, many youngsters choose this day for collecting the enough guts to propose their love.

9TH February –Chocolate day.

It is considered that if anything starts with sweet then the work is completed successfully.  So, a new relation is started by gifting sweets and can anything match the taste of chocolates? No, right? So, lovers gift chocolates to each other so that sweetness can be dissolved in their love life.

10TH February- Teddy day.

After all, some cuteness is also needed. Does anyone exists on this planet who don’t like teddys? To see your loved ones smiling like a baby and in their absence they can hug the teddy so that they don’t miss you you can gift them this cute gift.

11TH February – Promise day.

Love is not simple. Just loving is not sufficient, keeping it forever is also important. This is a day when lovers express their love and do promises of staying together forever.

12th February-Hug day.

To make your partner feel that you love them and you really mean, just hug them. Hug can express the love far better than words. Hugs too are of many types.

Cuddle hug-

It’s shared between couples for showing the love and intimacy. It defines coziness and romance.

Tight hug-

This shows the importance of the person. Tight hugs are best when you want to show that your partner plays a vital role in your life and you don’t want to leave them at any cost.

Hugs from back

They are the best hugs because they are very adorable. When you are involved in something and your partner suddenly comes from the back and hugs you. Can anything else please you more at that time?

13TH February – Kiss day.

Kiss is a symbol of love. It’s not an important part of any relationship. But if you want to express something but you are not able to find the words then just kiss. It’s the best and most adorable way for expressing love. Kiss is a bond which connects 2 souls. Small pecks are the cutest and adorable ones which shows that they adore you. The forehead kiss shows they care for you and they want to stay with you forever. The kiss on lips is for romance and intimacy.

14TH February – Valentine day.

It is the most awaited day by most of the youngsters. Heart is a symbol of love but it is a symbol of life too. By giving a heart shaped card or stuff toy you always show that you are giving your heart to them. Flowers, cupids, doves all are the symbol of love. There is not a specific dress code for it but ladies wear red and gents wear black because the combo of both red and black make it classy and the make the couple hot looking. Basically on this day Valentinus was sentenced to death and in his memory his love Julia planted a pink blossom almond tree near his grave. Today the almond tree is a symbol of abide love and friendship.

Don’t forget to show your loved ones that they are very special and you don’t need these days to show the love. Show the importance of them in your life daily because no one has seen the future, anything can happen at anytime so make every moment special and joyful.



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