The prolonged holiday from the non-stop working, classes has come as a shock to some. Well, some have also welcomed it as much-needed relief. With the unprecedented lockdown at hand, the jostling crowd at the subways, at the office cubicles, and at various other sectors of work has settled down at their respective homes. Indeed, the sudden halt to the working hours and stepping into a vacation mood for straight three months (and still continuing) has been a bit challenging for the workaholics. To while away time in this long holiday, one can easily pick up some mind-blogging quarantine games that can be time-consuming and entertaining at the same time. There is a large pool of games to pick from. The pool is one of the finest choices.

What are the five most important quarantine games to keep you company?

Enjoy free time during covid-19 quarantine and play in video game at home
Enjoy free time during covid-19 quarantine and play in video game at home

For the entire year busy, school and college students have been heaped with tedious online studies via on-screen modules and virtual lectures. With the prolonged time spent on screen, various health issues have arisen. So, to sneak free time from the boredom of these online classes one can indulge in offline and online games. All the more, the working people can also indulge in various games in their idle hour. Rather than pondering over the endless life situations after the lockdown let’s check out available quarantine games.

The top five attractive quarantine games have been listed below:

Alto’s Adventure

This video game is one of the finest android games of the age. Fortunately, you can stream this with steady Wi-Fi in your comfy place. This video game provides a beautiful scenic background of snow landscapes. However, the landscapes do keep changing as and when required. You can easily play this game on various platforms other than Android. You can use Linux, tvOS, Fire OS, iOS, Kindle, and Microsoft Windows.

This snowboarding game has been sixty built-in levels. This game also focuses on endless running (like Subway surfers and Temple run. A great after every tenth level, a new character gets unlocked. Keep using the various stunts in this game to score high points like backflips (extra 10 points) or for charging coin magnets. You can use them to buy a Wingsuit (this will help you to fly and cover a considerable distance in a shorter time). Overall, this game is a refreshing game and can easily pass a rating for 8 out of 10, so do add it to your list of quarantine games.

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With then continuous ongoing virtual calls, one might simply feel nostalgic for the old days. They might remember times they used to play with their friends and hang out with them. It is high time to balm the ailing nostalgia. This game helps to offer a video chatting platform for a group of eight and they can play numerous games while simply chatting away. The house party game is popularly available on platforms like Chrome, iOS, Android, and macOS. The funniest and the most refreshing game in this house party combination is Chips and Guac. Act it out, Animals gone wild and Quickdraw is worth checking out.



This online game provides a platform for real quiz enthusiasts in two sessions per day. This game was inspired by the popular US app named HQ Trivia. With the various knowledge to feed your mind, this game surprisingly also helps to earn money; yes, real cash. Every day, the winners of the game earn money twice a day in the two fifteen minutes of quiz sessions. The questions asked in the quiz ranges from sports to cuisines, from general knowledge to current events, and so on. Loco even provides the questions in various regional languages other than English – Hindi, Marathi, Telegu, etc. Like Loco, another important quiz game is Qureka. Even this game will enrich your inquisitive mind. Nonetheless, Loco perhaps tops the chart in the quizzing arena and thus is an important addition to the list of quarantine games.

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While being stuck within the four walls of your home, you can still get entertained and jubilant at the game prospects. The minimum number of players required for this game is two. Monopoly requires dice to roll the numbers to keep moving on the squares marked on the board. This game uses virtual money like if a player reaches or moves beyond the ‘Go Space’ block, then he or she might draw 200 Dollars from the bank. With earning hoards of cash, the board game also has provision for a jail. All the more; this game also helps in establishing various properties once the respective player wins over all the properties in the mentioned color group. To experience the real world, do try this game.


Treasure Hunt

The kids at home need constant newness. The ever-fascinating Treasure Hunt is a sure answer. The rules are very simple. You can collect a few things. These need to be hidden. The only way to find the treasure is by hints. The hints or clues can be riddles. The hints can also be some caricatured drawings. If your kids are a fan of digital gaming, then the following games may help. You can easily download the Google Play top-ranking, ‘Hidden Objects: Treasure Hunt’ and enjoy your quarantine games.

Sea of Thieves

Having staying back in the house for months, this game packed with tremendous adventures and actions will easily enthrall any player. The Xbox Game Studios has designed this fascinating game. This game offers a delightful experience of being a pirate who keeps hopping from the adventures of sailing to the actions related in exploring new lands and looting treasures. All the more this game offers a platform for multi players. This free game is also available in Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass.

Apart from the above-mentioned games, there are many more such applications that can easily keep you engaged in this quarantined life. With these various gaming sites, one can get easily refreshed. These games might also teach you a lot of interesting facts through the trivia quizzes in particular. Well, these games are absolutely not addictive. They are just fun games. Hopefully, some of these games might also reduce your boredom.

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