The night is same,

Dark and vast,

And lifted with gloom,

Like any other night.

But today is special,

As bright fireworks,

Like positive uplifting agents,

Brighten up the gloom,

Again and again,

As though no force of darkness,

Could ever stop them.

Yes, Diwali is here again,

To lift us up from the gloom.


In the cruel expense,

Of the stark dark night,

Fireworks fill,

With pristine sparkles of hope,

It’s darkness again,

Wiping the sky and the night,

To be barren and gloomy,

All over again,

But the resilient fireworks,

Are all here,

Indefatigable and committed,

And they brighten the night,

To lift us up,

Again from the ruins.

The way life moves,

Is very much akin,

To this dark sky.

Some benevolent souls,

Like these pristine fireworks,

Always try to exhibit goodness,

In spite of the sorrows and obstacles,

Those they incessantly,

Have to go through.


Dauntless in every move,

While sorrow still engulfs them,

They crawl, they creep,

And push them forward,

To that little bit of goodness,

So as to brighten,

The souls of many a suffering life.


Many these brave souls,

Continue to brighten,

The gloomy world around us.

Let this Diwali engulf us,

With these beautiful thoughts,

And make us look forward,

With the hope and belief,

That darkness can always,

Be brightened again.






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