Thicker Mattresses: For Better Or Worse

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you might have noticed that mattresses come in different thickness levels. While some are just 6 inches thick, you will some that are over 20 inches as well. Many people assume that the thicker the mattress, the more comfortable it should be. However, there are various other factors to consider before deciding whether a thicker mattress is best suited to your requirements or not. The optimal mattress thickness is determined by a lot of factors as seen below.

How Your Weight Is A Deciding Factor In Choosing A Thick Mattress

Finding the optimum mattress thickness depends on how much your body weighs. If you are on the higher side, it is a good idea to avoid soft foam so that you don’t hit the bottom when you lie on it. People who are above 200 pounds can benefit from choosing a thicker mattress so that it offers their body enough support and comfort without resulting in any backaches. Interestingly, thin people can find comfort and support from a thin mattress as long as it is firm enough.

Optimum Thickness For Relief From Aches & Pains

The thickness of your mattress plays an important role in the aches and pains that you suffer from. When your body requires more support, a thicker mattress will help you find some relief from these aches and pains.  However, mattress manufacturers are coming out with hybrid mattresses that are firm yet comfortable at the same time. This often includes different layers of soft memory foam and innerspring coils. In order to bid adieu to different pains and aches your body is suffering from it is important to consider your body type, sleeping positions, and movements during sleep before picking out the optimum mattress.

Role Of Mattress Thickness For Different Sleeping Positions

Since each person tends to have different sleeping positions, it is understandable that the thickness of the mattress also plays a huge role in helping them get the optimal sleeping experience.  People who sleep on their back need a firm mattress that is around eight inches thick to get the right kind of support for their spine and shoulders. Interestingly, side sleepers require support near their hips and shoulders. Hence a mattress that is 8 to 10 inches thick should do the trick. Many side sleepers prefer a thick mattress with a softer top layer for some added comfort while sleeping. People who sleep on their front do not need a lot of support, so a ten-inch thick mattress would work just fine. Interestingly, front sleepers can also benefit from picking out a mattress that has a solid core with a top memory foam layer for extra comfort.

Mattress Thickness While You Are Pregnant

Pregnant women often find it difficult to sleep during the day or night due to their growing bump and changing body needs. It is essential to find the right mattress, to help them get the rest and sleep they rightly deserve. Since sleeping on the stomach is not advisable, the only positions they can adapt is sleeping on their side. Pregnant women have been observed to find most comfort in a mattress that is around 4 to 6 inches thick latex bottom layer and a 4 to 7 inches thick memory foam top layer.  This way, they get the support their body needs without compromising on the comfort.

Since the price of the mattress goes up with its thickness, it is also important to consider your budget before thinking about getting a thick mattress. Still, some manufacturers like Wakefit offer them at affordable prices. You do not require the thickest mattress in the store to get optimum comfort. This is why it is important to understand your body and sleeping habits before going mattress shopping.

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