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The Magic of Bucharest

Waves of travelers come to Europe every year to experience the incredible culture of cities like Berlin, Paris, or Barcelona. While all these places are wondrous, the most-traveled destinations are centered in the western side of Europe and sadly central and eastern countries like Hungary and Romania are often overlooked. Tourists that have ventured to cities like Bucharest, Romania, have experienced a rich culture and welcoming residents and brought back memories that will last a lifetime. 

Bucharest has a reputation as being a skipped-over destination in Europe, but for the adventurous traveler, there is so much to offer. Whether you are looking for art, history, food or a show, there are so many excellent attractions you can enjoy to make the most of your stay. When you come to Bucharest, you get a sense of going back in time in some ways as you look around at the incredible architecture that has traditional old world charm. In fact, Bucharest is a paradise for those that enjoy historic architecture. Here are some of the most picturesque locations that you will want to visit on your trip to Bucharest. 


You cannot discuss attractions in Bucharest without talking about the legendary castles that Romania is famous for. Destinations like Bran Castle and Poenari Castle have captivated the imagination of travelers for centuries and inspired countless tales like Count Dracula. The well known and terrifying Vlad the Impaler once lived in Poenari Castle and is intertwined with the history of Romania. When visiting these castles or any of the many others, you will be astounded by tales and remnants of those that lived there centuries ago. 

Some more famous castles include Corvin Castle which has been called everything from one of the spookiest places ever, to one of the most fairytale like castles in history, to one of the most amazing places in the world. Built in 1446, it boasts authentic Gothic construction and historians claim it was the place where Vlad the Impaler was kept prisoner. Every castle in Romania is just brimming with an interesting history to explore. 


If there is anything as well known in Bucharest as the castles, it is the churches. Christianity is a huge part of the history and traditions of Romania and is woven into the fabric of life here. Churches in this city have stood for hundreds of years, meticulously maintained and renovated. As you are strolling through the Old Town area, Stavropoleos Church cannot be missed. Built in 1724, the church has not only survived the passage of time, but also earthquakes, demolition, regime changes, and more. Built in Romanian renaissance style, it is a gorgeous centerpiece in the Old Town. Other beautiful churches include the Antim Monastery, the Caldarusani Monastery, and many more. It’s highly unlikely you will see all of these incredible structures in one trip, so there will be plenty more to look forward to seeing.


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For history buffs that visit Romania, you will find no shortage of incredible museums to satisfy you. If you are interested in the life and culture of Romania, you will simply have to visit the famous National Museum of Romanian History. A beautiful building in its own right, it also holds many historical artifacts like the Romania crown jewels. If that doesn’t sound like your style, there is also the National Museum of Contemporary Art located in the Palatul Parlamentului building. Here there is a wide collection of incredible pieces from Romania artists, and artists from all over Eastern Europe. There are many changing exhibits here, so every time you return to Bucharest it is worth a stop here to see what’s new! Overall, there are so many incredible museums throughout Bucharest to explore.

Iconic Landmarks

The Magic of Bucharest
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One of the most famous and impressive structures in a country that holds numerous architectural wonders is the massive government building Palatul Parlamentului, the Palace of Parliament. The communist era structure has an astounding 1,100 rooms and is as famous as the White House in the United States. There is also  Spitalul Colțea, the first hospital of Bucharest, still standing from 1887. The hospital has been the cornerstone of medicine in Romania for over 100 years. Casa Costa-Foru is another of the many iconic landmarks. This gorgeous and meticulously maintained villa was built by the son of a famous Prime Minister in Bucharest. What makes this villa impressive is that it has preserved the old world charm so well. Taking a trip here is truly immersing yourself in the culture and history of Bucharest.  There are so many incredible things to do during your visit to Bucharest. Get lost in the old world charm and enjoy yourself. 

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