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The Five Best Ways to Spend an Evening With Friends

Spending time with people you have known your whole life is one of the joys of growing older. As you enter your 30s or 40s, you may find that the moments you spend with your closest friends are a little rarer than they were in your teens and 20s.

Even if you live in the same city as some friends, seeing them every few days may not be an option. As everyone is busy with their jobs, higher education, or family lives, telling each other the creepiest ghost stories may only happen on special occasions.

Whether you have friends visiting you from another part of the country, or you want to set up a fun night with everyone you know in your city, we have some ideas on what you can do.

Below are the top five things to do when you are hanging out with your closest friends.

The Five Best Ways to Spend an Evening With Friends

1. Have an Inbox Zero Party

Although it may sound like an unusual idea, having an Inbox Zero party could be a lot of fun. Most of your friends are unlikely to have partaken in such a gathering, which may intrigue them and convince them to hang out in the coming days.

The idea behind an Inbox Zero party is that everyone brings their laptop or smartphone, one or two of the people bring drinks and snacks and you spend a few hours going through your respective emails to clear them all out!

If most of your friends are the type who would have 1000s of unread emails in their inbox, such a gathering may be exactly what they need.

2. Cook Dinner and Have Drinks

If you have several close friends who are visiting your city, you may want to host them at your future home or possibly at apartments for rent in pearland tx. Rather than taking everyone out on the very first night when you are reconnecting, you may want to ensure the gathering is more intimate.

One of the best ways to remind your friends about your bond is to cook them dinner and have drinks together. They will be so pleased that you took the time to cook for them, while there is a certain satisfaction in watching your friends enjoy a meal you prepared.

Ensure you are pairing the food with the ideal beer, liquor or wine, and you can ensure the meal is a hit with everyone. If one or more of your friends have specific dietary preferences, you should do your best to accommodate them as well.

The Five Best Ways to Spend an Evening With Friends

3. Play Board Games or Card Games

One of the most enjoyable ways to get together with friends after a long time is to play board games or card games. When you see each other after several months, there can be a certain awkwardness in the early interactions. Playing a game can quickly break the ice and make it feel as if you never left each other’s company in the first place.

Poker is a great game that you can enjoy with friends, while you may even enjoy Cards Against Humanity if everyone has a sense of humor. Games such as chess, checkers, Risk, go fish, blackjack and hearts are also great options for a game night with friends.

4. Volunteer at a Local Organization

Rather than spending all your time with friends indulging in drinks or food, you may want to give back to the local community. One of the best ways to ensure that you are having a productive time with your friends is to volunteer at a local organization.

Look at lists of organizations in your area, ask your close friends if they have any experience with these groups or if they have specific areas of interest and then pick one where you can volunteer. Sign up everyone for the same dates and time slots, and you can hang out and do good for the world simultaneously.

The Five Best Ways to Spend an Evening With Friends

5. Go on a Run Outdoors

What better way to reconnect with people in your city than exercising together? If you all have busy lives, spending a few hours getting drinks and playing games may not be an option for most weeks.

While you can still have such fun once a month, you can include more “catch-up” sessions by adding exercise to your list of activities to enjoy together. Between attending a gym, running at a local park, or playing sports, you can always find outdoor or indoor physical activities to enjoy.

Such a plan will not only ensure you see your friends more often but may even lead to a deeper bond as you work out together.

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