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5 Habit Routines from the Shastras

Habits make our lives better. We all know the importance of habits in business and in practical daily life. There are certain habits which...

Multitasking: The Art of Ruining your Career

When I think about my career I realize the fact that someday I am going to be appearing for an interview. There is one...

A New Way To Life Through Quotes

1) "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." A quote by Simone De Beauvoir, that explicitly talks about the essentiality of different yet...

How to Make Your Life Sing the Lyrics of Success?

Over a billion population live on this planet, but only a few are able to make their way to the top. You must have...

Happiness : Lost and Found

Sometimes staring at the ceiling can tell you more things than any encyclopedia! As a progeny of the 21st century there are things that...

Style and Fashion of Today

Style and fashion are big deal for modern teens; most teens enjoy reading about new styles and trying out the latest clothing and accessories....

The Choice of Euthanasia

There are many people who are suffering from very painful diseases like cancer and other by their default births. They are living with severe...

Light Things That Might Light Up One’s Life !

People are busy doing lots of stuffs without even having time to breathe peacefully. Yes.., human’s desires are endless and they finally end up...

Top 10 Key To A Productive Day

Have you ever come home at the end of a day and felt dissatisfied with the work you’ve done? Achieving less than you anticipate...

Choose your Career in 10 Simple Steps

This article envisages providing ample food for thought in the pursuit of choosing your careers. A person’s success is simply a reflection of the...