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5 Raving Breakfast Spots in Chennai

Breakfast brings to your mind a beautiful image of a healthy platter of toast, eggs, hash browns and a generous glass of orange juice....

Health and Fitness during Exams

With college exams approaching, we can see everyone around us finally waking up from their long sleep and running around for notes and books...
Gujarati Thali

Food as a Cultural Symbol in India

You are what you eat One has heard this saying at least once in a lifetime. Conventionally, one may relate this quote to the build...


1. Eggs are bad for heart- Yes it is true that eggs contain substantial amount of cholesterol in their yolks and yes cholesterol is...
The Price of Inactivity

The Price of Inactivity

People has dependent on technology and forgot to keep track of their physical activity. If this continues like this then they have to pay...

Menstrual cramps – 11 home remedies for instant relief

It’s that time of the month, and once again you have to go through the ordeal of heavy bleeding, mood swings, bloating,...
Chunaavi Nautanki

Chunaavi Nautanki