You had me with your adept moves

Those perfectly polished shoes, hair carefully spiked

The “gentleman” attitude

And of course, spruceness  played me to impress!


 Stairway to your heart, oh no

It wasn’t an easy climb

You always had been such a curmudgeon

But hey, yet mine.

On those soft lips, I tasted divine

Eyes so innocent, trusted me with shine.



Guess God wrote our destiny

With cacography such as yours,

Making it a puzzle for us to decode.

Those kiddish arguments everyday

are never ending.

But let’s not stress over

For what is impending.


Happiness is the vodka shot,

The one with straw you got

Your smile made the effect amplificate

The voice, I must say, a perfect bait.


I wish the needles to trap the moment,

Never coming clean.

Perfect example of sanctity

The galaxy has ever seen.



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