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Signs that tells you He is INTRESTED in you

Are you confused the fact that the guy you are talking likes you too or not? Or he is just flirting with you for fun sake? There are certain hints that make you believe that the guy leaves you guessing? Why guys do mixed bags of signals?

It is often said that a man if interested in you will find endless excuses to make contact with you and talk to you. While a man who may be of his feelings will not make much efforts. To be able to decide whether he is guy to hold for just let go by putting forth certain signs that will let you decide whether he is into you or not.

He finds excuses to talk to you

If he calls or texts you randomly without any reason just to say hi then he is definitely into you. He will certainly find excuses to talk to you or sort your advice on the simplest of the matters. Talking to one another is very important in a relationship. This is the sign that friendship is turning into relationship.

https://www.understood.org/~/media/66b967453630401e8d0df98843e7b454.jpgHe keeps you with social media or multimedia-

To keep in tab with you he will certainly make some efforts from his side like following you via social networking sites or sending routine text messages to stay connected to you, then he certainly might be interested in you.

He is at his best behavior when he is with you-

When he is with you he will do certain attempts from his side to make you feel comfortable with him being around. He will be at his behavioral best and wont drink or smoke in front of your sake then this guy surely wants to feature in your good books for obvious reason.

http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-EFrjvJvMtp4/VTMO08tRs8I/AAAAAAAAAGs/6_zMHZzTLf4/s640/boy-claire-colburn-drew-baylor-elizabethtown-friends-girl-favim-com-91035.jpgWatch his friends- His friends might be the best indicator

 If he gushes about you in front of his friends then they might draw you certain hints about his liking and sometimes their extremely warm behavior towards you will great hint he is serious about you. If a guy is interested in you he will make all efforts to contact you.

If will look excuses to touch you

A guy interested in you will make excuses to touch you. This includes no sexual gestures like holding your hand, keeping your hairs in place, tapping your back. His touch will be lighter to you he will not touch you or hold you hardly if he does that then it is pure indicator of physical intimacy.

He stares you for so long

If you catch him staring at you every time you look at him then he certainly likes you but is too shy to approach you. He might be glancing into your eyes sometime just to build an eye contact. Making an eye contact is certainly an indicator of his liking towards you.

He is protective about you-

If he cares about smallest of your things and make sure whether you are upright or not. You are so lucky girl that he is protective about you.

http://www.dialteg.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Confused-Guy-Mixed-Signals-Dont-Get-2.jpgHe might do small gestures for you-

A guy with his small gestures will throw certain clues that he might be interested in you. If he sends you certain small gifts or flowers to just convey his feelings then he is definitely into you.

Check his body language-

A guy’s body language tells a lot, if he is interested in you then he will certainly lean towards you. His feet if pointed towards you might tell a lot about his liking. A guy’s body language is very clear to understand whether he is interested in you or not.

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