Recent Cricket news and updates from around the world

Sports lovers enjoy following updates concerning their area of interest. They have to keep track of all events happening, happened, or due to happen. Are you a cricket player or fan and want to know what is happening around the globe? Worry no more. In this article, we shall enlighten you on the latest updates about cricket. We have well researched and approved information on cricket just for you.

Ball-tampering could be legalized

The issue of polishing cricket balls by the use of artificial substances could now be a consideration for legalization once the game gets back underway. According to the “ESPNcricinfo” report, the administrators have been given the option to allow an agreed artificial substance to be used when polishing the ball. However, the action will only be done under the supervision of umpires.

Middlesex to furlough staff and players

Middlesex have made a decision to furlough most of their members of staff and players. According to Middlesex’s chief executive, the decision was reached for the stability and well-being of the club. He admitted that the decision was difficult but was to protect the future of the club. Read more on the news on sportsadda news portal.

Delay in return of cricket games

The ECB has informed that cricket games will not be happening in Europe until early August. According to the governing body, cricket was set to resume on the 28th of May 2020, this now seems unlikely. During the board meeting held back in April, some steps were taken to determine whether or not it will be possible to play any games.

Bhuvneshwar focuses on his fitness

With cricket on hold, Bhuvneshwar is now focusing on his fitness after he missed the Newzealand tour early this year. The pacer was diagnosed with a sports hernia after he picked a groin injury. He underwent surgery in London and was rehabilitated at the National Cricket Academy. Since then, he has been missing in action. Bhuvneshwar told Times of India that he is now fully recovered and wants to make a comeback. He has been doing bodyweight training to increase his fitness.

Prioritizing the hundred for interest and revenue generation

The cricket board CEO for Wales and England, Mr. Tom Harrison has dismissed the claims to scrap the hundred and said there is now an increasing need for interest and revenue generation. Speaking with BBC News, he went on to further say that the hundred was put in place to grow the cricket game in the country and was not as a result of the current health situation.

Peter Siddle of Essex to wait until 2021

Peter Siddle, a one-time Australian fast bowler, will not be in for this year’s campaign with Essex. Instead, his contract has been pushed to 2021. Siddle joins other players like Michael Neser, Matt Henry, and Nathan Lyon, whom their contracts have been terminated or deferred. He was to arrive in the UK last week according to this source.

Many clubs are struggling around the world due to the pandemic. For this reason, there will be news popping up frequently on cricket. You also need to know the state of cricket. Trust us to keep you informed of what is trending around the world. We make sure that you are ahead of the rest. Our news comes from trusted sources and is well researched.

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