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Reasons Why Vijay Sales is the Best Place to Buy Electronics

Vijay sales (India) PVT. LTD. is an electronic retail chain based in Mumbai, India. Its headquarter is located in Jogeshwari, Mumbai. Vijoy sales was started by Mr. Nanu Gupta in 1967. In the beginning, it was a small TV showroom of Mahim, but now its branches reach across India. It currently operates 121 stores across the regions of Maharashtra, Haryana, UP, Gujarat, Delhi Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. On today date, the total revenue of Vijay sales is approx 7000 crores and the total employees are approx 4000.

History of Vijay’s sales

Vijay sales are one of the most trustable and preferable destinations for consumer electronics. From the beginning since its inception by Mr. Nanu Gupta, Vijay sales has been offering the best quality and service. Here you can find electronics for all budgets and preferences. All stores of Vijoy sales are with a dedicated team of prolific managers. Mr. Nanu Gupta and his sons also stand tall on the promise of serving their customers with the absolute best in product and after-sales service.

Mr. Nanu Gupta was born in Punjab province, India In 1942. In 1954, he moves to Mumbai and worked in Usha electronic fans as a distributor. After several years of working, in 1967 he founded Vijay television Store in Mahim. In 1981 the name was changed and it become today’s popular Vijoy sales (India) PVT. LTD. Till 2010 Vijay sales was captivated within Maharashtra. Then it started to expand to Gujarat and the national capital regions. Finally, the chain expanded so much that now its stores are found in cities like Mumbai, New Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurgaon Faridabad, Indirapuram, Noida, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Warangal, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Kakinada, and Rajahmundry.

Founders and directors of Vijay sales

From a small TV showroom to one of the biggest Indian retail chains, Vijay sales comes a long way. Founded by Mr. Nanu Gupta in 1967, Vijoy sales supplies you with 3500 + products across 11 primary categories in a world-class ambiance. Here is the list of leaders and senior members of Vijay sales.

Mr. Nanu Gupta

Mr. Nanu Gupta popularly known as “Bade sir” is the main brain behind this whole retail chain. He is the founder and chairman of Vijay sales. He started these all with a bare minimum capital of rupees 10000. Because of his great customer service and determination, his small showroom Mahim multiplied to hundreds and become the most successful electronics retail chain in India. She is a true visionary whose skills and bold decision taking abilities make Vijay sales the most successful electronic retail chain.

Nilesh Gupta

Nilesh Gupta, the eldest son of Mr. Nanu Gupta is one of the directors of Vijay sales. He join the family business in 1992. Like his father, Nilesh Gupta too succeeds to continue his father’s vision and legacy.

Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta is the youngest son of Mr. Nanu Gupta. He is also a director of Vijay sales. Following the footsteps of his father and brother, Ashish Gupta brought with him modern-day insights and ideas to help Vijay sales Adobe to the forever evolving retail scenario and usher the company to a new age.

Karan Gupta

The grandchild of Mr. Nanu Gupta, Karan Gupta joined his family business in 2019. Even so, the company already had an existing e-commerce website Vijaysales.com post the pandemic current wanted to intelligently capitalize on its offline brand value and 55-year-old legacy to help loyal customer shop anywhere, anytime.

The other senior members of the Vijay sales are Mr. Anand (operations, Gujarat), Mr. Anto (operations), Mr. Jose Pereira (accounts), Mr. Jyoti Mitra (operations, Pune), Mr. Pinky Sanakara (human resources), Mr. Pragnesh Shah ( account), Mr. Rakesh Gupta (operations, Mumbai), Mr. Rajan Iyer (accounts), Mr. Rohit Bhatia (operations, Delhi), Mr. Tapan Das (accounts).

The mission of Vijay sales

On their official website, they mention their mission as below, ” Vijay sales would give its customers the best value, best products, and the best available service in the industry. Honesty towards our customers, principles and our associates would be the pillar on which Vijay’s sales stand and grow.

Products available in Vijay sales

Vijay sales provide you with various electronic devices varied in different price ranges, and quality ranges. Here you can find gadgets over 35000. In the stores, you will find televisions of different technologies, different resolutions, and of different screen sizes.

Also, you will find computers on different desktops, all kinds of laptops and different monitors, and other computer accessories like hard disks, pen drives, mouse, routers, software, keyboard, etc.

Also, they will supply you with different brands of mobiles and tablets, other mobile accessories such as Power banks, chargers, cables, memory cards, etc, different types of Apple accessories, audio accessories, and also different brands of smartwatches.

There are also available all kinds of electronic home applicants like air conditioners, air coolers, dishwashers, steam iron, and many more, electric personal care applicants like trimmers, shavers, hair dryers, hairstyles, etc.

Not only products they also give you a suitable guide before you buy any product. Thus their customer treaty makes them the most successful.

Vijay sales E waste recycling policy

E-waste can be defined as waste that evolved from electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part, or rejected from their manufacturing and repair processes. This e-waste is intended to be discarded. Like other hazardous waste e-waste becomes a probability and challenging waste to the environment. In this case, proper recycling of this waste is necessary. As solutions below are some of the steps taken by Vijay sales:

1. They handed over the electrical and electronic products only to the authorized recycler for recycling.

2. They also handed over the waste products only to an authorized recycler for disposal.

3. Vijay sales waste management authority, keeps the e-waste in an isolated area after it becomes non-functional or nonrepairable to prevent its accidental breakage.

Vijay sales believe in the conservation of resources and saving energy. The organization tries there at most not to pollute the environment through its waste material. They give importance to the recycling of waste materials. Vijay sales stand committed to implementing the e-waste rules.


From 1967 to now, Vijay sales manage to take a special place in customers’ hearts. From the offline to the online market, the company tries to give you the latest and brand-new products. They also have an app called “Vijay sales “on Play Store where you will get all product details and all details about their stores.

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