The perfect time to tie the KNOT !!

MARRIAGE, this one word can bring goose bumps to some , especially to youngsters. Many a times people end up getting married due to family and  society pressure. But then who are they to decide when one has to get married. It’s the sole choice of individual as to whom and when he/she wants to get married. As it is said live life to the fullest , it is quintessential for us to find the right match with whom we want to spend the entire life roaming , playing , wailing , laughing and caring.

There is no penned fixed age for a person to get married. The best one is the one when he/ she feels like “ Yes! Now I can.” and to have this feeling one must be completely satisfied with his/her life.

Bucket List – Checked


Life is full of opportunities and dreams. There are numerous of adventurous , lunatic , crazy and passionate things which  one wishes to fulfill before getting married. It can be going on a vacation with friends , travelling solo , getting that not so relevant degree in education , excelling in dance or music , etc. You should better check all your things of bucket list before you tie knot with your better half.

A built up Career


This doesn’t mean that you should have already reached the pinnacle of success in your career since we are always trying to climb up the ladder. Still, life becomes a mess when you get married with an unstable career . It is very essential to reach a certain level of stability in one’s career so that you can embellish your own and your partner’s  requisite.

Found the Perfect one


People come and go but there are few who stay forever. Nobody is perfect but when you have found that one person whose flaws are non existent for you , it’s definitely the time for you to hold hands and propose. From then on , life will start revealing its other brighter sides.

Gut feeling


We all have a bit of sixth sense in ourselves. We do get that feeling “ Oh! It wont work out” or “ I am damn sure. Its right “ in some or the other ventures of our lives. Whenever you are determined to marry your soul mate , you’ll definitely have the optimistic feeling about it . If not , you need to think again!!

In a nutshell , don’t let others tell you the age when you have to get married .It’s entirely up to you to decide when you have to tie the knot.


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