Wonderful Facts About Wonder Woman

6 Wonderful Facts You Should Know About Wonder Woman

Everyone is in love with DC Comics and cinematic universe nowadays. The comic geeks and freaks might get broke, due to the amount of awesomeness hitting big screens in the next few years. Despite our knowledge of comic book trivia, 80 years are enough to make a healthy brain miss out on a few points.

Lets refresh up a bit of some trivia about the Princess Diana of Themyscira, the strongest woman ever,  WONDER WOMAN :

A. She is a demigod, an Amazonian Princess and wants to help the mankind

Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of Themyscira. She is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and God Zeus and possesses many super powers. Her hometown, an all female location of Amazons, is a remote location totally hidden from the world. Her disguise is the identity of Diana Prince.

1. rebirth

B. She has her own weapons, the Lasso of Truth and the Unbreakable Bracelets amongst others

Diana’s bracelets can wield a force strong enough to even make Superman bleed, cause lightening, wield swords, spears, fire etc.

Lasso of Truth is her primary attacking weapon. It is virtually indestructible and has been only been broken when she herself did not believe the truth. It can make anyone obey her commands.

2. wonder-woman-bracelets-close-up

C. She is now the DC God(ess) of War

In a battle against her evil step brother First Born, she had to kill her former mentor Ares, the God of War becoming the new War herself. She can easily slip into a telepathic connection with the soldiers of the world i.e. hear the soldiers of the world, and they can hear her too.

3. goddess of war

D. She has had a few minor affairs and lovers

Even though Steve Trevor remains her main love interest throughout the comic series, she has had a few affairs in parallel universes and the comics. Aquaman was attracted to her and remained on the Justice League team because of her.

Batman was once in love with her but their relationship could not last long and they decided to remain friends. Though he might still be in love with her, is heavily implied.

Superman in a parallel universe, where Louis Lane is killed, is her husband and they have a family. In fact in The New 52 Universe, Superman has never met Lane and they are currently dating.

4. trevor nd ww

E. She has run for the post of President twice

She is the Princess of Themyscira but that doesn’t stop her from running for the Presidential elections twice. She first ran for office in 1943 and then again in 1972 but failed in both. Maybe the third time will be the charm?

5. Wonder-Woman-Gal-Gadot

F. She was originally carved out of clay

Though she now is proclaimed as the daughter of Zeus, she in her original story was carved out of clay by her mother Hippolyta. She was bestowed with life, beauty, power, strength and brain by the Greek Gods.

It was claimed that her soul is that of the unborn child of Queen Hippolyta in her past life, or even the first female child ever killed by a man.

6. Diana12

Amazing isn’t it? We love this gorgeous superhero-ine. Shower your love in the comment section below.

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