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Overcome Exam Mania

Exam is a word which brings goose bumps to any student. Exam itself is a word full of tremor. Its commencement brings with it a lot of new diseases in students and many more excuses to run away from it.

It is believed that in the beginning exams were made to test students knowledge and their level of understanding to a certain context. But now exams are a mere rat race to prove to the society that you are better than the rest of the crowd.

Being a student I can completely relate to the pressure and the feeling of   being isolated from the rest of the society as you have that big tremor “EXAM” coming your way.

Now a day the word exam is very synonymous to competition. And it all starts right from when we are born. Our first competitors being our very own siblings or our parents friends children.  Over here the exam refers to who will start walking first or doing those crazy stuff or more importantly who will pronounce those difficult words first. And bribing the child with a little gift to do that correctly starts very early.

When the child starts with his studies then he is surrounded by like aged toddlers who have high expectations on their back. Parents wish their child top in the class and in all the extracurricular stuffs that happen in the school. Their child’s report card becomes their status symbol. This entire thing ends up leaving a great impact in the mind of a child.

Overcome Exam ManiaWhen the school is still going on then comes a big mountain for them to climb the class tenth boards’ exam which is considered as a big speed breaker to the life of all the students. It is considered as the ultimate quality check for a student as it is the biggest exam they will be appearing in their life until now. Their outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, and all the stupid stuffs according to their parents and generous teachers is stopped. They are debarred from all fun activities. Just they know is their parents expectations which is on their shoulders. They are left in complete isolation without any entertainment to concentrate on their damn studies. They are told things like – it’s gonna decide your future, just this big exam after that no big stuff coming your way and so on and so forth.

When the child is done with this big rock like tenth boards then they have another things lined up for their future the career choosing time the 11-12. In our country we have to choose in between science, commerce, and humanities. A science student is considered as the intelligent mind while the humanities one is the one who could not make to the other two streams so he is always looked up with a pity. But that’s not the brutal truth behind the fact. It’s the child’s interest in a subject more than the other but who could tell this to our orthodox believers of old run facts. More than the child’s interest in s subject their parents and fore fathers wish outweighs their decision.

Then come the great two years of a child’s life the great 11th and 12th. Damn man how fast these two years pass by. Seriously we could not figure out where we actually spent the time. Our life becomes so monotonous repeating he same stuff throughout the year – school, tuitions, self study and our life ends there. No involvement in any family events or society event. We are boycotted from all the events as if we have committed a big crime by coming in these two years of our life. These two years are considered as the pave setters or our career making years of our life.

After the completion of these two great years of our life we feel free like a bird. Thinking that the great monster exam has left our side and taken shelter somewhere else. But our happiness is short lived as this devil waits for us even at the university level. After the university it hangs on with us until we finally are able to bang a job by giving lot many exams. And in our job career also we get to face this evil a lot many times, sometimes to get a promotion and sometimes to rescue our job.

So this evil monster exam stays with us the entire life. It leaves a great impact on our life and leaves us ruthless the entire life. We fell pathetic for ourselves and for all the rest who go through these traumas every now and then. We can not do away with these exams but can surely do away with the meaningless rat race. We can be sensible enough to treat this  very healthily and have a lot to learn and deliver rather than just to study for the marks point of view.

So let us all be sensible enough to not fear from this hulk like exam monster but beat it with all our knowledge by facing it with aa lot of courage and not kneeling down in front of it. Deal with it patiently and always remember that exams are not end of the life they are just a small speed breakers which will pass away easily. So give exams with all happiness without fear and it will pass away very easily.

All the very best for your exams if they are on its way!!!!!

Glory Simran
Glory Simran
An amateur writer who sees the best in every situation. A student by profession but keen on learning every new stuffs.


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