LIFE: A Money Minting Phase


    Life?? What’s it about? Is it a phase? A gift by God? Money-minting period? Do we ever give a thought to what life actually is or we have become so engrossed in keeping up with the fast paced environment that we have forgotten that life is a lot more than just what we are doing to it.

    It’s not just the process of sprouting out into this world, working stressing fighting loving and then yes, ofcourse falling back into the grave. Is it? We need to stop and stop immediately and give an insight into what we are doing to ourselves, to the most precious gift that we have had from God or any form you may name. Life is not just about toiling hard day and night, running after money, partying all weekend, getting into all sorts of unsociable stuff and having your bubble Gala time. Life is much more than this.

    moneyI agree to the fact that we work so that we can earn because nothing in this world comes free and money as they say is all you need to be happy and make others around you happy. But just hold on and think is that money really worth all your time that you forget the sole purpose for running behind it. You decided to earn to make your people happy, to make their lives good but then what for is that money if it deprives them of your time, your affection and what it gives them is just a money minting robot who is always frustrated because he is never content.

    You believe that is life? Is it so? Is this for what you were born? In the cycle of making your life merry all you end up doing is making it more worse. Just believe in yourself and the words that follow:

    “Your hard earned money may fade away, but if you keep relations with love and peace they will stand beside you even in the phase of that loss.”

    You got to get your head out of your nutshell and peacefully search for the meaning and the purpose of your life. It’s not that the richest man in this world or the one who parties the most is the happiest creature God ever made. No!!! The happiest person might be a farmer who earns just enough to feed his family for a single time but this single meal gives him all the glee in life.

    So just calm the pace of your life and live it to the fullest while you still can, with the people you love. Explore the purpose of life which can be a lot more than just a 9-5 toil. Free yourself of any kind of preconceived notions, make your own way because at the end it’s your life and yours alone.


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