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Neon Lights — A Modern Gifting Choice

Neon lights are a type of light produced by the bombardment of cathode rays of inert gas molecules like neon or other gases with glass surface coating with some inflorescence material. A neon tube is a sealed glass tube that contains a metal electrode at each end. At first, a vacuum condition must be maintained in the tube, then fill the tube with one of the gases at low pressure. A high potential of several 1000 voltages is applied to the electrodes, which ionizes the gas inside the tube to emit colored light.

These lights are called neon lights because they are popularly made up of neon gas which produces orange color. Besides neon, other gases such as hydrogen (red), helium (yellow), carbon dioxide (white), and Mercury (blue), etc are also used to produce different colors.

By the year 1898, the British scientist William Ramsay and Morris W Travers discovered the inert gas neon. After discovering, when this gas was explored to know its properties, it had been seen that on electrical gas discharge, this gas showed color. And this is the base of present neon lights. Since then these neon lights are very popular among people.

Uses of neon lights

Neon lights
Neon lights

Neon lights have a wide range of uses. From domestic to economics nowadays neon lights have vast uses. Several uses of neon lights are depicted below:

1. Neon sign for restaurant and bars: the most common use of neon lights are in restaurant and bars. They used this light for making banners so that at night people from distance can see and come. Moreover, they also use these lights for interior and exterior designs.

2. For home decoration: nowadays these neon lights are very popular in private houses. People love to buy these lights to decorate their rooms, and apartments creatively. These also add a more aesthetic environment to the room or home.

3. During photoshoots: many photo studios nowadays are decorated using neon lights. These add more lights to photoshoots and make them more unique and stylish.

4. Artist during the concert: it has been seen that many artists during their concert or performance use these lights as a costume. It helps the distant audience to capture the moment and enjoy the performance.

5. Traffic lights: neon lights have the property to pass through condensed air conditioning such as fog and also they can travel long distances. Hence these are used in traffic lights, for example, red lights for the stop sign, green lights for the start sign, and yellow lights give signals to drivers to stop by informing them that signals are about to turn red.

6. Customise gifts: neon lights are also one of the best-customized gifts. Anyone can customize any kind of neon moon, neon background, neon wallpaper, etc. Some people also make their name using neon lights and many more.

7. For advertisement: nowadays, one of the most useful uses of neon lights is that they can be used for advertisement. On billboards, no one can unsee the bright neon-lighted advertisement.

Pros and cons of neon lights:

Orange neon light
Orange neon light

Uses of neon lights keep increasing these days. There are many advantages of neon lights for which people accept these lights over others. Some of the pros of these lights are,

1. Long life: neon light’s average life is comparatively more than other bulbs. So it is chosen over other lights. Neon light lasts for years. Because unlike a classic bulb neon lights do not contain a filament. Its average age is around 10 to 15 years.

2. Colourful: neon lights are used for decor elements as it is available in different colors which is another advantage of these lights. It gives the room or interior a soft light that perfectly enhances its beauty.

3. Flexibility: the neon lights are made up of flexible tubes, hence it is easily can shape to form different structures, unlike other lights.

4. Safety: neon lights usually do not produce much heat, which is why their temperature never exceed more than 40 degree Celsius. Hence the risk of fire from these lights is lower than other decorated products such as table lamps etc.

5. Low energy: the most useful fear of neon-like is the consumption of low energy. These neon lights use less electricity or energy to operate.

6. Silent feature: neon lights do not create any kind of annoying sound during operations. It is completely silent and safe. Hence it creates an environment full of peace and relaxation.

7. Cheap: neon lights are a kind of low investment high production kind of thing. These are very cheap hence easily affordable and available.

Like other scientific discoveries, neon lights also have some disadvantages. The cons of neon lights are;

1. Low light: Though neon lights have an instant glow, the light intensity of these is very low. It gives only soft light.

2. Small range of color spectrum: neon lights cannot lightning a whole wide area, it is only used for a small area.

3. Soft material: neon lights are flexible because these are made up of soft tubes, hence on cracking one small piece the entire light will be broken.

Though it has some disadvantages, people use more and more neon lights. Its advantages overcome its disadvantages.

Where to buy neon lights:

portrait of futuristic african american woman in neon lighting
portrait of futuristic african american woman in neon lighting

Neon lights are very easily available. It is also can be bought from online markets. Many trending shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc are selling neon lights these days. These lights are easily purchasable and affordable. Many small businesses are formed because of these lights. Nowadays many sellers sell customised, stylish neon lights on Instagram or through other social media. Here are some of the most followed Instagram accounts on who is these neon lights are being sold;

1.@customisinggifts: this account has 15.4k followers. They are available for personalized gifts. The WhatsApp number of the account holder is +918595841398.

2.@theneonme: this account has 1611 followers. Here’s available LED neon sign at the best price, custom-made lights starting price from rupees 1299 and also free shipping in India available.

3.@neonlight_in: this account has 1310 followers. Here’s also custom-made artwork available.

Despite these accounts, there are many accounts and websites available that sell neon lights. These days neon lights are used to make a party night more impressive and also its decoration in the room and house is enough to make anyone jaw-drop easily. So go online and search for your favorite style and buy it for yourself, your friends, and your family. Hope this article is useful to you.

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