Experience magical love


    Love has a different meaning to all. The way each person views it, love becomes that for them. Love is a psychological factor which exists in all human being. It is an emotion, a feeling that can only be felt and it has different ways of expressing.

    It is a great thing to be experienced in life at least for once according to me. The reason that is motivating me to write this article is love that I’m in with my someone very special. Now while I’m writing this article it is reminding me of him and I’m having a smile on my face. It’s almost been four years I’m experiencing it and it is a great feeling. After a whole tiring day when you are back to home and you just speak some two words with that special one it again energizes you and makes you feel so relax.

    The most important thing that I have learnt in these four years is having a trust on the other person which makes your relationship stronger day by day. It becomes very difficult to maintain a long distance relationship at times. And mine is the same. It’s being 3 years we are not being close to each other and at times it just makes me feel ‘if he could have been here’ but yet we have the same spark and trust in our relation and we both feel that the love grows more and more as the days are passing by.

    Now a day’s people have started taking all these as fun. In my friend circle only I see so many of them breaking up today and again going with some other person the next day. It makes me feel like as though they are paying with each other’s emotions and never had any true feelings from the beginning of the relation. I don’t find any trust between the partners which the most important fact to maintain any relationship for a long run.

    I don’t say that have a blind trust because that’s again dangerous and either of the partners end up getting hurt and losing the trust factor for future.

    experience loveLove can give you a lot and as well take a lot from you as sacrifice. So, it becomes important that how you choose your partner who worth that sacrifice. To be true love never gives you an option to select you just fall in love without really caring how the person is. Even though you know that the person is not right for you and the relation might end up soon still you tend to fall in love with that person. It’s true and well said by someone that while you are in love just ‘follow your heart and not the mind’ because mind at times makes you do that you would not like to.

    But at times we need to listen to our mind and specially in today’s world when we have started taking everything to be so easy going and are becoming emotionless day by day. Because mind always helps you in taking the correct decision whereas heart only binds you with emotions.

    You can fall in love with anyone anytime and anywhere. It is not bound to time, age or status and looks. You just fall in it because your heart says that yes that’s the right person for whom you have been waiting till now.

    Love always might not solve all your problems or might not require a sacrifice each time. It all depends on the person , the situation and the time you are in with your partner.

    Love is beautiful, love is friendship , love is a small world of you and your partner and you must experience it.



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