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In Love With My Best Friend

In Love With My Best Friend

According to Hindi movies girls always fall in love with the right guy, their kind of guy, but reality is not always this veridical, we don’t always fall for the hero. Or may be the hero doesn’t seem like a hero. Even when heroine falls for the villain kind of guy, he changes the very course of his life just to be with the heroine. Eternal love huh, but does this happen in real life? I would totally disagree, or maybe I am genetically mutant.

“We don’t choose who we fall in love with; neither we have the capability to decipher what is right and what is wrong.”

When we fell in love with someone their flaws became inconspicuous and we are only able to see the optimism in the person, which makes it even more inconceivable for us to prevent our self from falling for them.

We fall in love with the person who is all right and all wrong at the same time, and you know you love them except sometimes they drive you completely insane; no one can explain it. And the reason is that love is perplexing, because it is love if it didn’t have hurdles then what will be the point?

In Love With My Best FriendThis is exactly what happened with me, after being best friends with him for more than two years, we went a little further. We both knew this for a while but never had the courage to actually tell the other person, it was just that the feelings have been there but actually saying the words would make it all the more real. Which we both weren’t ready for!!

Now when I look back I can’t seem to decide if that exceptional trip was the best trip I ever had, or maybe not. It was the best because those were the days when he and I had a chance to be with each other, without any disturbance from anyone or anything. We weren’t alone; we were with another couple, so giving them privacy was a very good way to get privacy our self.

In Love With My Best Friend

The moments that we spent their will be the moments I will always cherish my entire life, I guess he will too. Holding his hands, being in his arms, getting pampered, softness of his lips, warmth of his body and his fragrance, will be certain things I will never lose hold off.

Those were the most memorable days of my entire life experience not that that I had much, but once you came close to one another, it becomes really difficult to actually go back to what we always were- BEST FRIENDS.

In Love With My Best Friend

Just because we are friends and we know each other to the very core, we love each other to the maximum limits possible, and have been intimate with each other, don’t mean we can carry our relationship. As “two wrongs don’t make a right”, two emotionally deprived people can’t say together.

It’s not like we didn’t loved each other before going on the vacation, it was just that we were never single at the same time. We did have a longing for each other since a long time, but we were just suppressing it. Somehow we thought that it will spoil everything between us, we were too good as friends that we didn’t wanted anything to plunder that between us, even- LOVE.

So that was how I got to the consummation that may be the time spent on the trip deteriorated what little we had between us, because it was so difficult on being friends and impossible to be in a relationship. “But few days spent with the love of your life are far greater then living in oblivion”. And thus I will never be able to decipher if what happened was good or not, but whatever it was, they were the most splendiferous days of my entire being. After all what’s their not to like, every girl likes affection, love, pampering from the person they love. I had that for two complete days, only to realize that I will never have it again in my entire life.

Yes, being in love with the one person you entrusted with all your secrets can be the greatest thing you can ever have in your lifetime. But you just know when it’s not meant to be, and there is no point in trying. The same was the case with us; we came to a point together only to go back the distance our separate ways. We were always there for each other in the time of crisis, and now when we are in the most fucked up situation ever possible, we had to get out of the situation on our own.

This all wasn’t easy for us, but we had to do this we didn’t had any choice. If we would have gone with what we felt at that moment, it might have turned into the most disastrous thing ever possible or maybe not but it would have deterred the most precious thing that we both cared for our- FRIENDSHIP.

In Love With My Best Friend

“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another they will fall for each other, may be temporarily, may be at the wrong time, may be too late or may be forever. May be it was just temporary for us. Period.”





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