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Is a Vessel Sink Right for You?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to renovate your bathroom! Though it is a big commitment, home remodeling can be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding process. As you start to pick out fixtures for your new oasis, you may be considering installing a vessel sink, those elegant basins that sit on top of the counter, rather than being installed under the counter. While these are a relatively recent trend, only rising to popularity in the last fifteen years or so, they have gone from being extremely exclusive to a stylish pick any modern bathroom might implement. But is this choice right for your bathroom? This article will help walk you through the decision process and give you all to tools you need to decide.

Do Research Ahead of Time

Is a Vessel Sink Right for You?
Is a Vessel Sink Right for You?

Before you make any big decisions, make sure you are fully informed and have done some research. Take some time to learn about vessel sinks and fully explore your options before making any commitments, spending money, or starting your renovation in earnest. When doing research, it helps to check multiple sources, especially when comparing prices to make sure you get the best value.

Think About Your Design Goals

When deciding whether a vessel sink will be the best choice for you, it helps to think about what you want out of this bathroom redesign. Having a cohesive vision will not only help you make the right decision when it comes to more prominent fixtures, but it can also help you later on having to make smaller decisions, like color schemes, materials, and choosing the finishing touches once your bathroom is complete. It may help to use a room planning tool. There are plenty of free websites you can use to help you visualize your interior design needs, and compare your options side-by-side.


Probably the greatest advantage of a vessel sink is its style. Because they are a relatively new trend, they’re very striking and can give your new bathroom a unique spin. They are also relatively easy to install, both potentially saving you money by not having to hire a contractor, and giving you more flexibility to change out the bowl in the future. They also provide you with more counter space, since they take up less of the surface area of your vanity. They also provide a focal point to your bathroom, anchoring the overall design, and bringing the entire look of the room together.


On the other hand, there are a few practical concerns that may dissuade you from choosing a vessel sink. Because of their exposed edge, they are more prone to chipping or breaking than an under-mount sink. They also can be a bit harder to clean, as water and debris can get stuck in the small space between the basin and the counter. There are additionally some practical worries that accompany ordinary use. If not taken into consideration, the height of the bowl can be higher than most under-mount sinks, which can be a hassle for children or shorter adults to reach. There is also concern that because this is a newer trend in bathroom design, it may be just a passing fad, and quickly become outdated. This, however, is yet to be seen, so only time can tell. All of these disadvantages do not have to be deal-breakers, just things to take into consideration when designing your new sink.

How to Install

Once you’ve decided that you do indeed want a vessel sink in your new bathroom, it’s time to learn how to install it. As stated above, one of the advantages of a vessel sink is how easy it is to install. You can even do it yourself in a few simple steps. The general outline is marking the placement, cutting the hole in the counter-top, applying sealant, attaching the connecting ring (which should come with the sink), placing the basin, and connecting the plumbing. It will be extremely useful to follow a step-by-step guide, and also make sure you are confident in your knowledge of the process before you start, to minimize mistakes.

Different Types of Installation

One important choice you must make is the style of installation you are planning for your vessel sink: Above the counter or recessed. Above the counter installations are when the basin sits completely on top of the counter. This is probably what most people picture when they think of a vessel sink. A recessed installation is when the basin is sitting part-way down into the countertop. A recessed installation may be a good compromise as it can solve some concerns of stability or height, but keep in mind that the installation process can be a little more involved, as you have to cut a more precise hole.

Hammering Out the Details

One of the last steps before you actually begin is deciding on the details of your soon-to-be sink. Research what materials will suit you best, both aesthetically and practically. Decide on what type of installation you want, or if you will need to change the height of your counter-top to accommodate the sink basin. Also, make a decision regarding your faucet. Decide what style, whether it will be placed on the wall or the counter, and what height you need so that it works with your new sink.

Ask a Designer

When in doubt, there’s never any shame in hiring a professional. Although bringing on a designer will mean an extra cost, they will also bring years of experience and expertise to your bathroom’s design. If you decide to seek out the help of a professional at any point in your renovation journey, be sure to thoroughly research and consult customer reviews to ensure you make a good choice in your hiring.

Final Thoughts

Luckily, since their rise in popularity, vessel sinks have gone from a high-end luxury item to an affordable choice that any home might have if it fits with their lifestyle. Although, there are advantages, disadvantages, and plenty of choices to make along the way, with a little foresight and planning, making these decisions can be a breeze. Now that you’ve chosen your perfect sink, it’s time to get started on the rest of your bathroom remodeling journey.


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