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Interesting Facts about Numerology

As history says, numbers played quite an important role and are still on. The numbers represented quantities, which symbolized qualities too. Along with it, it interpreted compatibility, scheduling, character traits, etc. these factors are depicted through a divine method, known as Numerology. In recent years, it is known as Number Mysticism. It is the study of numbers, as associated with one’s life. It accepts the Universe as an ideology, and after breaking up the numbers, the basic elements can be obtained in the form of elements. The following points might be of help to appreciate the method.

Facts about Numerology

Working process of Numerology

The basic idea behind Numerology focuses on life, as well as the whole Universe gets affected by ones’ date of birth. These numbers can be utilized to discover on the part number of Life. In simpler terms, the numbers outline the challenges along with the opportunities that one encounters alongside the way. Hence, to get a knowledge of the part-number of life, and professional Numerology reading, one should get hold of a Numerologist in India.

Times gone by

Numerology is a mystery to many, as compared to a variety of age-old philosophies. If the past records are seen, Egypt and Babylon were the cities in ancient times, had written records permitting to Numerology. Moreover, it was also used in China, Japan, Rome, Greece, and other places. But, the modern-day Numerology is credited to Pythagoras, who was a Greek Mathematician and philosopher. The real facts are yet to be deciphered, but he built up a couple of theories behind it. These theories took the numbers to a different and a new level.


Differences can be seen amongst the Numerologists, in general. Certain aspects can be deciphered via Numerology.

  • An individual’s strength and weaknesses can be understood with the aid of Numerology.
  • In Numerology, the full name and the date of birth are taken be used to calculate the numerological numbers.
  • For any major decisions, Numerology can be used. It can also use for altered names.
  • In numerical calculations, the scored numbers carry both positive and negative aspects, which helps in depicting the turning points in One’s life.


An individual’s numerological number acts as ‘life guide’, which helps in preparing for certain experiences, that one’s plans to face. To sum it up, numerology is a worthwhile experience, which is worth trying. And if it is done right, then it can transform life towards betterment. One must initially be aware of the own details, before visiting a Numerologist, who has a good and positive reviews.

Arpita Chatterjee
Arpita Chatterjee
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