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Importance of a true friends

As we all know that we all need someone for whom there always remain soft corner in our heart, someone with whom we can share our all feelings whether these feelings are of happiness or sorrow. That someone we call a friend a friend is a key of that lock which has all our happiness. A friend is someone who supports us on our every walk of life. It is often said that a person is known by his company and it is also very important that we should always choose our friend wisely because if you did not recognize a right friend its result will be too much hazardous.

People sometimes really commit this mistake and then they had to suffer through a very painful result in their future. When someone face this situation he makes his decision and takes friendship as a betraying feeling. So it is very important that we should have that much sense though we can distinguish between what is good and what is bad.

We  often get confused with correct definition of friend we think that a friend is someone who will support  our every action whether we are right or wrong but genuinely a true friend actually meant someone who will support us when we are  correct but on the same hand show us the right direction when we are wrong. We all have many friends but some are capable of being called true friend. A friend is like a family member. Someone had said a friend is a special flower which god had gifted us in the garden of life. Some people think that they themselves can tackle every situation and they are that much mentally strong that they don’t want anyone to be their for them but it is not possible in every situation because some situations broke us so much deeply that we alone can’t handle ourselves that time we need a friend to support us. Even in every relation the friendship is the first step one should take to start that relationship whether that relationship is between husband and wife or brother and sister or parents and children.

That’s why it is very important that we all should have that friend in our life who is the perfect example or one who defines perfectly the definition of what a true friend is.


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