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Each one of us have favourite celebrities and look for them in magazines and movies to see what the next hair and fashion trend is? However, this has brought me into realization that the entertainment industry is constantly changing our perceptions of who we are and is highly responsible for changing cultural trends. People look at celebrities and completely change their own views and ideals in order to match what they see as “perfection”.

People cannot see a middle class person as an “ideal”. For them perfectionism is all about more and more money, career full of fame and glamour and cameras all around. The simple things are becoming less and less appreciative as people look to those with more wealth to see how they are living in comparison to their own lives. The media and entertainment industry are constantly in view and have huge impact on our societal trends.

We cannot escape magazine covers, constant advertisements or the entire industry in general. These aspects overwhelm our society and are responsible for changing perceptions.

fashionFor eg: T.V. shows like “India’s Top Model” display tall, thin, beautiful girls as the” ideal top model “. This makes many young girls to be thinner with perfect bodies and untouchable beauty. Their own image of themselves becomes distorted as they see what is called as beautiful in society.

Divorce is much more common and it is no surprise that this trend is seen with celebrity couples. Divorce is expected with those couples in media. Because these divorces are publicized as normal, even as a good thing, this has allowed society to look at divorces as less significant. There is hardly any negativity carried with it anymore. Marriage seems to be more like dating.

Another increasing trend is that of plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgeries are increasing as people want to look like their favourite celebrity. Moreover, T.V. shows like ” I want a famous face” and “Extreme makeover” influence people to get plastic surgeries if they feel they don’t have a perfect body. This has changed people into a mindset that they are not good enough.

Although, I do feel entertainment industry has  negative effects but it is not bad. Many aspects mentioned above need to be recognized and somewhere changed so that the minds do not get clowded with the idea of ” Celebrity perfection“.


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