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    Dream Expeditions  in India

    India can be also known as the country of options and opportunities, in terms of everything. For every plan you have a lot of options to think about! And, if the plan is about an adventurous tour, then actually you will confuse from where to start exploring the beauty of India and have some amazing, thrilling and adventurous experiences. Find here some of the dream adventurous tours in India.

    Here, are the lists of 15 dream expeditions in India:-motor-biking-expedition-ladakh

    • Biking trips in Ladakh: – Biking trips is as usual very famous among youngsters in normal roads but if you really want to enjoy the adventure of biking trip then just try it in the roads of Ladakh, the beauty of this region will add a flavour to your biking trip.
    • Scuba Diving in Goa: -Imagine yourself inside the water exploring the marine life. Isn’t it sounds cool? Yes, if you want to explore the marine life then Scuba diving is the best adventurous water sport for you. Grande Islands in Goa is the best destination for Scuba diving.
    • Giant Swing in Sandhan Valley: -Getting the opportunity to swing back and forth like a pendulum is just like a dream, which one can complete by doing Giant Swing. It is one of the adventurous activities to do in India which needs a lot of courage and in return it will give you a thrilling experience. And, Sandhan Valley, which is also known as the wonder of nature is ideal destination for it.
    • White water rafting in north India: – Here and there water everywhere and you in the middle navigating your boat to reach to your destination sounds adventurous. If you want to explore the beauty and play of water then this is perfect for you.
    • Motorcycle trip to Rann of Kutch: – The great Rann of Kutch which is famous for its eye-burning whiteness and emptiness. Nothing appears to long-long distances except whiteness of the ground. And, motorcycle trip to white ground with nothing in the front will be an awesome experience! No barrier will come in between your ride, so speed up your bike and enjoy the trip.
    • Zorbing and Paragliding in Manali: – You must have seen a lots of dreams about having features and flying in the sky like birds. You can complete your this dream virtually for  sometime by doing paragliding  in Manali. And, if you want to dance inside a big boll automatically, then you should definitely try zorbing there. Zorbing and paragliding are famous there.
    • Parasailing at Payyambalam beach: – Payyambalam beach in Kerala is one of the beautiful beaches there, and enjoying its beauty from the sky will be awesome! Parasailing at Payyambalam beach is a good option for enjoying in mid air.
    • Island camping in Chilika Lake: -Chilika lake, in Odisha is the Asia’s largest water lake. Spot rare migratory birds and Irrawady dolphins there. Camping in Chilika lake is a very good option for expedition.
    • Hot air ballooning at Lonavala: – Lonavala is a beautiful hill station in Pune. Adventurous rides such as hot air ballooning is very famous there. Talking with sky in mid air will be an amazing experience!
    • Camel Safaries in Jaisalmer: – The great Thar desert of Jaisalmer has an unexplainable beauty. To explore the beauty of Thar desert, Camel Safaries is the wonderful option. Riding on the camels and roaming in the huge Thar desert is one of the best thing to do. Camel  Safaries is one of the adventurous activity to do in Jaisalmer.
    • Snorkelling in Andaman: –Snorkelling in Andaman is one the most adventurous activity to do there. In Andaman Islands there are a number of adventurous water sports to feel the excitement and zeal of adventure.
    • Bungee Jumping in Jagdalpur: -Bungee jumping although it is new in India, it offers a lot of fun and can fill lots of excitement and thrill inside you. For adventure loving people, it is a very good option to feel adventurous. Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh is the ideal venture for bungee jumping.
    • Caving in Meghalaya: – Since, we do all our works in light, what if you get a chance to explore the darkness? Yes, it sounds new! Caving inside dark mountain caves, exploring its darkness and crawling to find the unknown destination will be an amazing adventurous experience.
    • Climbing: – Climbing on a rock or a mountain requires a lot of stamina and energy. Finding path to get up by yourself on rocks is a perfect and adventurous way to fight for your fear of height. Imagine yourself hanging at the rock in between the sky finding path to go up!!
    • Heli-Skiing in Manali: – Getting dropped by a helicopter at an altitude of 6500 metres is not an easy thing to do! But, it sounds thrilling and adventurous! Isn’t it? This requires a hell lot of courage; it’s not everybody’s sport. But, people who love adventure a lot, and keep the courage and zeal inside them to do any adventurous activity, this is for them only.

    The top 15 ideas to enjoy an adventurous trip was given above, so, plan it soon and explore the beauty of India!

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