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Having a Pet

Pets are part of our life. Pets are also like a family. They do love you back when you shower some love on them. Pet are not a companion for human beings but also creates a positive attitude and soothing effect. We see a people have different kinds of pets. Usually people have Dogs, cats, Birds, Rabbits, Horses. We also see people keep chameleon, Alligators, Monkeys, Pandas and even snakes and insects. It depends on the interest on a particular person to choose their own pet.

Having a Pet
People and pets

Having a pet at home creates a positive vibes and also you start feeling good. It helps to reduce tension, pressure and tediousness. A survey reveals that spending half an hour every day with a pet helps to reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol levels. The joy of having a pet also helpful for curing mentally children.

You always tend to give unconditional love and affection to the pet. It also helps to increase the life span of the owner of the pet. A study says that children growing with a pet tend to be more lovable and kind hearted. Kids growing with a pet also have a positive attitude towards a life and brain development also improves.

At park with pet
At park with pet

Pets provide a feeling of security

The decrease boredom. It’s easy to make a pet your best buddy. They play with you and they even teach you aspects of life in some situations. Having a pet has a positive effect on physical and mental illness of human beings. A walk with a dog regenerates the energy. Nature has a calming effect on you. The sun imparts Vitamin D, which fights obesity, cancer, depression and heart attack. A cuddle with a cat brings the smile. Being with pets abandons lethargy. Studies have shown in the that children who grow up with puppies and kittens are lesser prone to allergies and asthma and possess strong immunity. Playing with parrot is always a fun as it always repeats what you say.

Spending quality and fun time with a pet gives pleasure, takes your mind off things that are troubling you. Hence, anxiety never ever gets the better of you. Pets tend to stay with us in the same house and most of time it plays with the kids. It’s advisable to have regular doctor check-ups to your pet. You should always adopt, and never purchase a pet. A house with a pet is like a garden full of flowers. A loving mutual relationship is mandatory between a person and his pet. So love to be loved.


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