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Havelock Vs Havelock Island: All You Need To Know!

Although the modest town of Havelock is frequently overshadowed by its Crystal Coast neighbours, the city is nevertheless a top waterfront hideaway for tourists from eastern North Carolina who wish to see the true everyday life of the Inner Banks. Havelock is a fun day trip destination for nature lovers, history buffs, and anyone interested in getting a closer look at the genuine, hardworking Coastal Carolina. It is home to the renowned Marine Corps Air Station at Cherry Point, the vast and wild Pine Cliff Recreational Area, and a small number of shops and restaurants that highlight the local culture.

Despite being around an hour’s drive from the Crystal seaside’s oceanfront beaches, the town of Havelock is fundamentally one that is situated along the seaside. The neighbourhood, which abuts the Neuse River, the Croatan National Forest, and the Pine Cliff Recreational Area, is essentially a tranquil southern town. In actuality, the most of the action in Havelock takes place at the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, which is the largest Marine Corps Air station in the world but is normally off-limits to the general public and located far from the rest of the shoreline.

Life in Havelock NC

Beautiful tree on Havelock Island Beach.
Beautiful tree on Havelock Island Beach.

With a total area of 17.6 square miles and more than 20,000 residents (including a sizeable population at the air force station), the town is unquestionably one of the larger Inner Banks settlements, but it feels miles away from the bustling beachfront towns that are constantly hopping in the summer. Havelock, on the other hand, is essentially off the tourist map and always seems to be calm and quiet.

Actually, the town is one of six US towns or communities that bear Sir Henry Havelock’s name. Sir Henry Havelock was a well-known British military officer who rose to fame following the Indian Mutiny of 1857. Despite having a historically significant role in national history, production, and military activities despite always having a relatively small population, the town played a significant role in its development.

Havelock NC Weather

Havelock experiences hot, humid summers, chilly, windy winters, and all-year-round precipitation and partly cloudy skies. The average annual temperature ranges between 37°F to 88°F, with lows of 24°F and highs of 94°F being rare.

The best times of year to visit Havelock for warm-weather activities, according to the tourist score, are from late April to early June and from mid-September to late October.

Famous tourist attractions

The Havelock Tourist & Event Centre, which serves as a multipurpose venue and provides conference rooms for groups of up to 700, is a fantastic place for newcomers to start when looking for information about the surrounding area.

The enormous long-distance Neusiok Trail in the Pine Cliff Recreational Area should not be missed by nature enthusiasts. The track can be lengthened or condensed as desired and extends to the banks of the Neuse River. It is a well-liked hike for both local hikers and cross-country travellers.

As old pine and cypress tree stumps protrude above the beaches along the Neuse River, creating a frightening but stunning panorama, this is where tourists can enjoy Havelock’s natural scenery at its best. If you go, be sure to pack plenty of insect spray, a camera, and be ready to be amazed by the limitless vistas of the lake as well as the numerous skeletal tree roots that can be discovered in all directions.


Aerial view of beautiful hotel on the water in ocean at sunset
Aerial view of beautiful hotel on the water in ocean at sunset

When it comes to lodging, Havelock has a lot to offer its tourists, who are frequently guests of military personnel stationed nearby or people in town for a conference at the nearby Havelock Tourist & Event Centre. Budget-conscious visitors frequently stay a night or two in the town as well, as the area’s 7 hotels and motels frequently provide accommodations at prices that are lower than those of the town’s oceanfront neighbours while still being close to the majority of the Crystal Coast’s top sights. The majority of visitors stay at one of the Havelock chain hotels for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, while there are a few tiny vacation cottages near to the water.

Don’t forget to explore more

Female tourist in luxurious hotel enjoys swimming pool and tropical food
Female tourist in luxurious hotel enjoys swimming pool and tropical food

In essence, Havelock is a small town with just enough eateries, hotels, and natural sights to keep anyone occupied. However, the city’s genuine southern culture and charm make it well of a visit during a thorough investigation of the Inner Banks.

Despite being one of the larger coastal settlements, this town is frequently overshadowed by its Emerald Isle and Crystal Coast neighbours. Locals and frequent tourists couldn’t be happier about this fact because it keeps the community somewhat hidden and private. The tranquil town of Havelock is undoubtedly worth a second look. It’s a terrific place for a strenuous stroll along the Neuse River, followed by some traditional Eastern BBQ or a hefty plate of North Carolina steamed shrimp.


Simply said, Havelock is a paradise. The Andaman Ocean’s warm waves surround an island that is nestled away from tourists. The majority of the island is covered in thick jungle, and it is bordered by white sandy beaches that are shaded by tall, green trees. All divers should try swimming, scuba diving in the turquoise-coloured, crystal-clear waters. Its picture-perfect beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and incredible undersea environment are all huge draws for tourists.

Tourist friendly

Havelock is unquestionably the most tourist-friendly island in the Andamans, and as a result, it receives the most visitors. There are many different types of lodging alternatives, ranging from bamboo cottages to opulent mansions, as well as fantastic restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, gift shops, ATMs, and now even (slow but functional) Internet cafés. Nearly everything you require may be found here, though at a slower rate. Even though it is one of the Andaman Islands’ busiest islands, it only receives a small portion of the tourists that throng other tropical vacation spots across the world.

Famous Tourist attractions

Radhanagar, Elephant Beach, and Kalapathar Beach are just a few of the stunning beaches in Havelock. On the island, water activities including scuba diving, snorkelling, and kayaking are very popular. A least of two nights at Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island), or if time allows, a comfortable three nights.

The main travel period is between December and March, while the tourist season runs from November to mid-May. Between June and September is the monsoon season. Being a tropical island, one should constantly prepare for light showers, even during other seasons. Due to low tides and increased visibility, February and March are thought to be the finest months for water activities.

How to reach Havelock Island?

Havelock Island can be reached by both air and sea, but sea travel would be the most convenient. From nearby islands (Port Blair and Neil Island), both private and public ferries run. Private ferries, on the other hand, are what we advise because they can be reserved via us without any difficulty and without standing in line.

Of all the Andaman Islands, Havelock has the best tourist infrastructure. Beach resorts with lower prices or more opulent cottages with higher prices might be found.

Lodging Services

Budget accommodations start at INR 1000 per night and go up to INR 25,000 for upscale accommodations. However, depending on the peak and off-peak travel seasons, prices fluctuate. Prices can soar and the best locations quickly sell out during peak season. Booking in advance is recommended.

What’s more to see?

For the comfort of its visitors from India and other countries, Havelock offers a wide variety of cuisines. Nothing is wrong, whether it’s delectable European cuisine or Indian cuisine with a variety of dietary requirements. Not to mention that seafood is available everywhere and in abundance! A must-have is grilled fish, especially at several of the neighbourhood restaurants in the market.

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