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Gaming Industry – A Game-changer in India’s Economy

The gaming industry in India has come a long way. It first makes its way in India in the late 90s, and years after, it is now one of the prime reasons for India’s growth in the economy. In the past, the gaming sector in India primarily relies on foreign companies. The form of gaming entertainment at that time was solely based on personal computers and consoles. Such gaming options are costly, and only those who have the means can access them.  

In the early 2000s, India’s gaming industry has taken off, and the affordability and accessibility of smartphones have something to do with it. From 25 gaming companies that invested in the Indian market, there are now over 250 game developers in the country. It accounts to a multi-million dollar industry and the reason why India’s socio-economic status is thriving despite global challenges.

Mobile-driven gaming market

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India’s gaming market is highly mobile-driven, leading to an increase in consumer base and data usage, which also leads to the increase in start-up gaming providers. Gone are the days when gaming has to be expensive and scarce. Today, Indians can enjoy all sorts of gaming straight from their phone. It has overpowered traditional forms of gaming such as PlayStation and Nintendo DS – the console type.

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Overcoming hurdles in India’s gaming industry 

The growth in India’s gaming industry didn’t happen right away. There were hurdles along the way, but they were eventually cleared. One of the hurdles is that many investors were skeptical at backing up start-up game developers. It was a long wait, but eventually, investors saw a rise in the gaming market, enticing them to put money. Since then, India’s gaming market has been unstoppable.

Another hurdle in the progress of India’s gaming sector is the inability of many Indians to pay for in-app purchases because of the low credit card standing. However, smartphones have become more available and accessible to all, not to mention the rise in the number of credit card users and other supported payment options like e-Wallets, Google Pay, and UPI. All these advancements have become extremely beneficial for the gaming sector. Moreover, it has led to other online gaming ventures, as you can see in the list of top betting sites in India.

What the future holds for India’s gaming sector?

Although the online gaming industry in India has already grown dramatically, it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it still has a long way to go. However, there are new online games that are set to release any time soon. It includes cricket games, survival-theme arcade games, and Quest framework, to name a few.

A big factor in the rise of India’s gaming sector is the accessibility of smartphones, which has caused a massive rise in mobile gaming. As a result, almost 80% of India’s online gaming market are mobile gamers. The rest is consoles and personal computer gamers, which are also mobile gamers. Hence, it is clear to see that India’s gaming sector is mostly driven by mobile gaming.

When the world is in a global pandemic in this time and age, various industries continue to suffer, but not online gaming. In fact, the online gaming industry is what keeps India’s economy thriving. It’s ironic that in this time of crisis, the gaming industry is the one that keeps the economy surviving. The gaming sector will remain the top industry as more and more smartphones are released and more technological advancements in gaming are created. Gaming software developers continue to innovate to make online gaming more entertaining, engaging, and interactive.


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