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Festival of lights VS Darkness in the society

What are you doing this Diwali? Bursting crackers? Contributing towards noise pollution and air pollution? Diwali 2016 has changed things in so many ways. From boycotting China products to setting out deadlines for bursting crackers, certain things have changed but some are still the same. While we are celebrating Diwali – buying new clothes, shopping for gifts, bursting firecrackers, visiting friends, buying sweets and the list can go on. Most of us are busy celebrating Diwali with our friends and family, therefore we miss out to notice the darker side of this beautiful festival. By darker side, I don’t just mean air and noise pollution because of the firecrackers.


We celebrate Diwali because of the victory of good over the evil. Diwali is celebrated because on this particular auspicious day Lord Ram had returned from his exile after 14 years. We beautifully lit up our houses with ideas (oil lamps) and lightings. Cleaning the house before Diwali is almost like a tradition that all of us have been following since years. There are two types of people during Diwali – there are people who spend thousands of money on firecrackers, shopping for new clothes and buying gifts. Then there are the type two people who make our Diwali actually happen. They are the ones because of whom we enjoy this festival to the fullest.

Firstly, I am totally against bursting crackers especially the loud ones. Secondly, during Diwali, there is a high demand for crackers in the market. To satisfy the demands of the market, the firecracker companies hire children – these are the underprivileged children who immediately join such companies thinking that they would earn some money and celebrate Diwali just like other people. There are again two things that are happening over here is

  • Child labor

    – child labor is a criminal offense in India. The child and adolescent labor act of 1986 prohibit the employment of children under the age of 14 years.

Workers making the Fireworks in a small room inside the factory

  • Hazardous chemicals

    – children who are working in such companies are risking their lives because the chemicals that are used to make crackers are extremely harmful, which needs to stop.

Most of us celebrating Diwali, we do not remember that for these poor child-workers there is hardly any festival and lights.

Animals, infants, and sick people are highly affected by the loud noise of the crackers. Animals and infants get extremely scared because of the loud noise.


So this Diwali lets’s celebrate the Eco-friendly way. Spread love and happiness. Share sweets and positive vibes with your loved ones and the less privileged kids. Say NO to crackers, take care of the environment. There is so much more to do without harming the environment.

Have the safe and Happy Diwali!

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Riya Naskar
Riya Naskar
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