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Everything You Need to Know About the Cricket Ranji Trophy

The Ranji Trophy is a domestic top-tier cricket competition played in India amongst several teams representing state and regional cricket bodies. 

There are now 38 teams participating in the league, with at least one squad from each of the 28 Indian states and four union territories. The event is named after Ranjitsinhji, popularly referred to as “Ranji,” the first cricketer from India to participate in an international match.

How Was The Ranji Trophy Created?

Following a conference in July 1934, the tournament was officially started, with the first games occurring in 1934 – 35. The Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh, gave the trophy in honor of the Jam Sahib of Nawanagar, Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji, who had passed away the year before. 

Mysore and Madras played in the first game of the competition at the Chepauk field. Mumbai won the event 41 times, including 15 consecutive victories from 1958/1959 to 1972/1973.

The COVID-19 epidemic forced the cancellation of the 2020–21 Ranji Trophy competition, making it the first time since its establishment wasn’t held.

Why Is It Called Ranji Trophy?

Ranjitsinhji, who represented Sussex and England while playing test cricket for India, is honored by having his name attached to the Ranji Trophy. The Ranji Trophy, primarily regional, may be perfectly described as a domestic top-tier cricket series played amongst several regional teams.

Who Won Most Ranji Trophy List?

Since the series’ inception, Mumbai (Bombay) has won the most Ranji Trophies. Mysore and Madras played in the first game of the competition at the Chepauk field. Mumbai won the event 41 times, including 15 consecutive victories from 1958/1959 to 1972/1973.

How Many Overs Are There In Ranji Trophy?

The minimum requirement of overs that must be played, excluding the conclusion of an inning or an interruption, is as follows: on days not including the final day, the minimum requirement is 90 overs; on the final day, the minimum requirement is 75 overs (15 overs every hour), barring the last hour of play, in which case specific rules must apply.

What Is The Salary Of Ranji Players?

Participants in domestic events in India get compensated daily. Starting in the 2021–2022 season, every cricketer on the playing xi who plays in 41 to 60 matches receives INR 60000 daily, with reserve players receiving INR 30000 daily. On the other hand, players with 21 to 40 games receive 50,000 every day, while those who aren’t participating can make 25,000 each day.

How Are Ranji Players Selected?

You must play on a team of professional cricketers if you wish to compete in the Ranji Trophy. You must first enlist in a local cricket club or organization to study the game and become a better player.

  • Enroll in a cricket club or organization in your area.
  • Participate in competitions organized by the association with their squad.
  • Participate in district-level competitions.
  • Participate in interdistrict competitions. 
  • Get a state team’s selection.
  • Compete in the Ranji Trophy competition.

In interdivisional events, the players are often observed, and the top ones are selected to join a team. Your game performance is a critical factor in the Ranji Trophy selection process; however, players in the state squad are also chosen through tryouts in certain states. 

The state association will coach these athletes and compete in several competitions leading up to the Ranji Trophy. Again, you must perform to the best of your ability, and if the stars are in your favor, you can be chosen to compete in the Ranji Trophy.

Who Played More Ranji Trophy?

Mumbai holds the record for the most Ranji Trophy final appearances, with 46. Mumbai has also dominated the Ranji Trophy historically, taking home the trophy a whopping 41 times. The other teams have yet to be able to win the championship more than ten times, and Ranji Trophy odds are often in favor of Mumbai. 

Who Is The Runner In Ranji Trophy?

Below are the players with the best runs in the Ranji Trophy:

  • Most Runs: 982 –   Sarfaraz Khan.
  • Most Wickets:  341 – Shams Mulan.
  • Highest score:  7/44 – Sakibul Gani.
  • Best Numbers – Mayank Mishra.

Who Has Won The Second Most In Ranji Trophy?

Karnataka comes second after Mumbai with eight trophies, with Delhi (seven) in third place and Baroda (five) coming in fourth as the regions with the most Ranji Trophies won. The current Ranji Trophy champions are Madhya Pradesh, who claimed their first title by defeating Mumbai in the final of the 2021–22 season by a margin of six wickets.

How Many Matches Does a Team Play In Ranji?

Three matches. Every team will compete in three matches during the league stage, for a total of 57 games. Plate Teams compete against three teams within their group, and Elite Teams compete against one another.

Bottom Line 

The Cricket Ranji Trophy has become a famous domestic competition that draws regional, national, and international interest. But it becomes easy to understand the nature of this attention once you witness the level of inspiration the tournament gives talented youngsters in India. 


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