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Recently Class XII results, announced  here on Saturday. A big congratulation to all 12thies for your boards result. Now every student is all set to  decide his/her career. Some of you may be overwhelmed of your good result and some may be drowned in guilt for not so good result. Remember students the marks you get are mere ‘numbers’ which you strived hard to get all in this one year.
The numbers on your mark sheet are combined sincere efforts of both teachers and students, you both strive for one goal. Just think and plan something very big now.
Do not get upset or demotivate for what you’ve not achieved.
Remember you get what you deserve..and no one can undone the fate.

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One thing more students, do not think like ‘I did’nt scored well just because I did’nt got more than 90%’ . I agree competition is toughest in today’s world but these marks does’nt judge your personality, IQ level, character and most important– ‘future’. Just scoring above 90% doesnt make you intelligent or superior over other who got 75-80% somewhat and on the other hand you don’t only ‘pass’ if you get 90 percentile. Its just passing one level and you did it.
Yes, You’ve unlocked one main door, now explore the entire house. At this time lots of confusion burning in back of your mind about college, course, university
Take a back seat and enjoy, and BEWARE.

Now , you would be exposing in real world, till school we remain in a protective shell, under nurturing of parents, teachers, hang out of friends, but now things would change. You have to travel yourself, manage your pocket money, deal with studies with less guidance, less attention and all. Still these are the matters which you would learn soon. The main basic theme which all parents and students should realize that every person is specialized in his or her arena. Some is good at one, another at one. No one is equal. Everyone is not of 90 club.  So do not force or compare your child to opt for a career and to be like your neighbour’s son/daughter whatsoever. And students, do not be over confident for good result and do not demoralize yourselves for a not so good result, please note, results are always good, its only about comparison which create a fuss in our mind.
If we see our hand then all of our fingers are of different sizes, still together they make a group through which we write our fate.Be always positive. Now dream for your future and do not be like ‘I’ve scored well in 12th so, I will do well in rest of the future too.

Do not be over confident of your success, because if you won’t succeed in future somewhere, then people will turn your struggle to co-incidence.

Abdul kalam

Leave all materialistic things and be more mature. Pull your socks up and get ready to face the REAL WORLD. Enjoy college life.


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