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The Effect of Colors on Our Emotions

Colors make our lives bright and lively. They also have a very direct and instant effect on our emotions. Various colors represent various emotions to us. It differs from person to person. For eg. Red is a feisty color. It represents passion and aggression. Some might also relate Red to danger. I find the color Red active and energetic. It can pop out from any other colors. In a flower arrangement or from a bunch of clothes, Red stands out and I seem to be attracted to it. The same way, we all have different preferences in color.

We might associate some colors to safety as they may be related to our childhood memories. It can be a pretty yellow doll house or a blue toy car or even a big pink teddy bear that one cherished at that age. Such memories allocate an emotion to a particular color, either happy or sad. This happens because we all have experienced emotions differently. Ergo, each color represent something different to us.
Seeing some colors help us to control our emotions. If we are enraged, annoyed or even stressed, studies have shown that looking at calming hues of green and blue helps to stay calm and composed.

During monsoon, we prefer to choose bright colors to combat the otherwise cloudy and dull weather. Colors like Red, Pink, Yellow, etc., can cheer us up. People experiencing depression or those who have attempted suicide are exposed to such bright colors to help improve their mood leading them to be marginally happy.

Colors also play a vital role in our Indian culture. We associate bright colors to a happy occasion. This can be stemmed from the fact that in our celebrations and weddings, we wear a lot of bright, happy colors like Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, etc. In most of the Indian weddings, the bride usually dons a Red garment.
Whereas at a funeral, we wear somber colors like grey, black or white. Hence, many have a negative perception about such colors.

Colors are usually divided into two, namely warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors are hues red and yellow like orange and pink, whereas the cool colors are a combination of blues and greens like purple and teal.

Warm colors remind us of the sunlight, fire and autumn. Hence it signifies warmth and passion. It induces creative thinking. Studies show that colors like orange increase hunger. It is stimulating and is perceived as energetic.

colors on our emotions
The Effect of Colors on Our Emotions

Cool colors on the other hand are calming and soothing as we relate those to a lake or the ocean. Generally, bedrooms are painted in these shades so as to help us relax. These colors often have a comforting quality.
We can conclude that colors can have a varied yet definite effect on our emotions. Colors therefore, play a very important role in our lives and if used appropriately, it can aid for our well-being.

So, add that splash of colors in your life!!


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