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Drawing Inspiration from Mixbook’s Gallery to Customize the Best Photobook

Did you know that Anna Atkins was the first person that invented photobooks? Being one of the pioneer photographers who drew inspiration from Henry Talbot, Atkins customized her three volumes of photobooks which have taken the botanical world by storm. You can also draw your inspiration from world-renowned photographers to customize your photobook. But if you do not know how to go about it, this article is for you.

Choose a wide range of themes from Mixbook

There is always a first time in everything. While customizing a good photobook is some form of artwork, you can still use various themes that Mixbook readily offers. For starters, you can go to the website and browse designs.  For example, if you are a nature lover, you can select the best photo you took with your loved one, edit the background, and upload your picture for processing.

Think outside the box

Customizing a photobook is not like calculating mathematical formulas to get an answer. You can still think outside the box by playing around with templates from Mixbook. If you want to include a caption beside your photo, go for it. You can also choose to place emojis beside your photo to add a bit of elegance. But if you have run out of ideas, Mixbook will still provide you with tips on how to craft your best photobook.

Choose the best size

Sometimes, less is more. You might want to place many items in one photobook to save on space. While it may seem like a time-saving idea, your art piece might not appeal to your audience. You want to share your memorable experience with your viewers without making them struggle to understand your motive. Mixbook offers photo book orientations in the form of landscape, square, and portrait. If it is a family photo, go for landscape design. But if all you want is to display is your wedding photos, the square version can do you a lot of good.

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Select the best material

Photobook materials at Mixbook vary depending on what you really want. They include poster prints, acrylic prints, and metal prints. Each printing material has its pros and cons, which is why you should weigh your options before making your final decision. For example, if you want to customize a photobook for your business, getting canvas print will be a good idea.

Identify your target audience

Are you customizing a photobook as a gift, or want to add a bit of glamor to your shelf? Whatever your reason, it is vital to identify your target audience to make a good decision. If it is a birthday gift, you can design it in the form of a card.

Craft the best photobooks with Mixbook

Whether you are new to photobook customization or are looking for a new concept, Mixbook is ready to accommodate every type of person. Remember, there is no wrong answer when it comes to customizing photobooks. But when you keep practicing, you will come up with a perfect photobook to last a lifetime.

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