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Create life-long memories by traveling to Canada

Canada’s beautiful landscapes and attractions make it a wealthy nation. And because of its distinct character, a large number of tourists make it their holiday destination whenever they can. The year 2019 saw a record-breaking number of over 22 million visitors flocking to its various regions. 

To date, it boasts of 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites, a combination of natural and cultural attractions that depict the country’s true identity. The unique destinations in the country are the reasons why local and international tourists can’t get enough of the Great White North. 

Nightlife entertainment in big cities 

Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver and other big cities of Canada have busy night-life. Millions of tourists visit the country because of popular night clubs, restaurants, and casino resorts. Along with night clubs, casino resorts have a huge impact on the tourism industry. There are numerous top casino brands in the country. 

Casino resorts host many VIP events where tourists feel on top of the world. Canadian casinos are particularly popular because of a different atmosphere. There is something different when you visit Canadian casino resorts – you are having the best time of your life. It’s not only the atmosphere but wide range of games. VIP events are mostly related to particular movies, book or even games. For instance, there are particular events focused only on slot games. When guests appear, casino resorts have only slot machines and technologies and as the night starts, there are many tournaments. There could be VIP slot events in the theme of a particular character like Great Gatsby or Bruce Wayne.  A wide range of choices makes casino resorts popular worldwide. 

Enjoy Sumptuous Cuisines

One dish that no one should miss when visiting is one of Canada’s most iconic dishes – Poutine. Made from fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds, it leaves a lasting impression on whoever gets a taste. 

The distinct taste of Poutine gives travelers a glimpse of just how diverse and vibrant Canada’s flavors are. Visitors can expect a variety of restaurants serving the freshest ingredients and unique dishes due to the many foreign influences brought about by the country’s diverse immigrant population.

Come Face-to-Face with the Majestic Niagara

This magnificent destination is immediately thought of when Canadian travel destinations come to mind. It is not just Canada’s top tourism attraction, but a popular site in the whole North American region.

Comprised of three individual falls, the combination of these bodies of water create a region bordering the United States and Ontario. Both sides offer great views of the majestic falls, but most tourists prefer seeing its power up-close from the Canadian side, with a sight of the famous Horseshoe Falls.

Embrace French Influence

It is a well-known fact that the French greatly influenced Canada. Part of the country’s population, specifically those from Quebec, is made up of French-Canadians. In this region, expect to get a taste of French influence through spoken language, food, wine, beer, and outdoor activities. The province

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Arpita Chatterjee
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