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Commonly recognized sinusitis sinusitis and their treatments

Though illness has been an uninvited guest at all times, mostly, they come up with certain symptoms that remain unnoticed. Common cold, viral infections due to seasonal changes are somewhat predictable. However, sometimes these simple symptoms themselves lead to life-threatening diseases. Similar is the case with the most affected disease, sinusitis. Most people usually end up confusing the symptoms of this disease with that of the common cold. 

Nonetheless, proper knowledge of the symptoms and their right treatment goes a long way in preventing them from reaching the chronic stage. Though essential medications are the rescue, one might even need to undergo an operation or a full antibiotic course in severe cases. Under such instances, the Bajaj health card is a great means to get your treatments done without any hassle. Well, this blog post is one of those pieces of content that takes you through a vivid journey, dealing with all the know-about of the sinusitis infection. 

All About The Sinusitis Infection 

The mucus membrane lying at the end of the nasal cavity is exactly where the swelling takes place and thus leading to blockages. The mucus that the nasal cavity discharges is released through the nose and discharged from the body. However, there comes a scenario when the mucus discharged by the sinuses cannot be released and tends to deposit itself in the form of pus and mucus. Thus, this blockage caused in the sinus tissue is what one can call a sinusitis infection. 

It is when the immune system is suppressed; then, inflammation is most likely to take place. Besides, there are several factors too that might lead to such symptoms. However, the sinus symptoms are somewhat predictable even though they can be easily treated if detected at the right time. There are primarily four different stages of sinusitis, as highlighted by some of the best pulmonologist Chennai:

  • Acute 
  • Chronic 
  • Subacute 
  • Recurrent 

Each of these stages is differentiated based on their respective healing periods. 

Probable Symptoms Of Sinusitis 

There is a list of probable symptoms of sinusitis that might differ from one person to the other. However, some of the most prevalent symptoms are as under:

  • Jammed nose 
  • Headache, mostly concentrated in a particular area
  • High fever 
  • Tinted yellow or green discharge from the nose 
  • Bad breath 
  • Toothache 
  • Sore throat 
  • Smell and taste loss 
  • Facial pain 

These symptoms are commonly observed in people suffering from sinusitis. Nevertheless, though the symptoms may be predictable, consulting the best pulmonologist Chennai in severe instances with a Bajaj health card can be an ideal recourse. Though over-the-counter medications mostly turn out to be effective, the different stages of sinusitis determine the mode of treatment to be undertaken. 

Preventive Measures To Treat Sinusitis

Just like the stages of sinusitis, its treatments fall in different lines. The first-line treatment usually involves medical therapies with allergic or antibiotic oral medications. The allergic symptoms tend to contribute to the cause of sinusitis, and that’s where the allergies need to be kept under control. Additionally, the sinus cavity is where blockages and inflammation take place. Some of the best pulmonologist Chennai have similar recommendations when it comes down to dealing with sinusitis.

The Bajaj health card and its scope in dealing with severe instances of sinusitis are huge. Cases that go beyond self-administered medications need expensive surgical treatments. Thus, the health cards and their services help curate medical emergencies and deal with severe diseases that would have instead cost a massive amount to the sufferers of sinusitis or any other severe illness. 

Acupressure, acupuncture, or a facial massage can help reduce sinus symptoms, including pressure and pain. They can also help you relax. These treatments generally have no undesirable side effects.


Sinusitis may not be a severe problem but is a widespread concern. Today, almost a majority of the population, at some point in time, may have undergone common symptoms of sinusitis. Thus, a definitive guide to the symptoms and a clear vision of treating such symptoms is crucial for the readers. In addition, the money-saving offers that the health cards facilitate today ensure a hassle-free treatment procedure for sufferers. 

Thus, one can easily avail such benefits and do away with their health problems in no time. The pulmonologists come up with enough guidance for the patients to understand the symptoms of the diseases in better terms. Various treatment partners emphasize the treatment of sinusitis, and that’s where one can save their money and get their treatments done within the best facilities and environmental conditions. 


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