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How much did that job cost you that you recently bought for your child?
What cost?
The cost do you put up on education?
I didn’t buy a job, I sent my child to study.
Why study?
For education!

Education! What do you understand by this? Let me tell you. When you hear the word education, when you realize that your child is growing up and will need it, you will eventually start making an excel sheet of family expenses in your mind and eventually, you will start planning to cut off on unimportant or less important expenses. Isn’t it true that in India, we all think of education as spoon-feeding to our children depending on how much we can spend? When you think of education, do you not think of it as money that you have to spend to buy your child a job? No, these facts cannot be denied because this is the current status of education. It is so true that your child will only get a good job if he or she makes it to a good government college. If not government, then it has to be the highest paying private college.  

Are we really buying jobs?

Yes, the jobs are actually being bought by parents for their children and the cycle goes on. There’s no loophole to it. It’s so true that today, we rush to be number one in the competition but with this, we will only be able to do good for ourselves. Eventually, with the current education system running in the country, the nation’s future is doomed.

What is education?

My dear people, education is not just a race to win jobs. It is not a race in your community to get your son/daughter into the best school of the city. It is also not the number of degrees your child holds. Education is knowledge. Your child is only educated when on being asked about anything from his or her domain gives the exact answer.

Literacy is not education!

When we talk about education, we usually misunderstood it by literacy. We think that when a child learns to read and write one’s own name, it’s education. No, it’s literacy and the literacy rate of our country is growing but the status of education is going down year by year.

What’s the main cause?

Why is it so? It’s not because of the parents that spoon-feed education to their kids but it is because of the employers too. They pick up the cream layer from highly ranked education institutions and leave the rest to rot. This cream layer is the competition. Everyone wants to be on the top anyhow. Students these days do not remember what they wrote in the examination an hour after it and get good grades. What do you understand by this? The system is going in the wrong direction.

Change the way you practice education people!

Employers should change the way they hire and give chances to everyone. They may fire the ones who do not work accordingly but at least give them a chance.

We cannot clearly say that schooling is done nicely. The government schools do not provide good education to the poor, middle-class students get to lower-ranked private schools with no futures and the upper-class students only get the best education. The best here is actually for the quality. If you are not spending a minimum 10k on your child’s education per month, you’re wasting your money.

In India, education is a business. It is important for principals to take care of the ambiance and maintain good quality furniture to show to the chairperson but it is not important for them to buy good books for the children.

The only way this can be changed is by initiating at personal levels. Employment situations are getting worse day by day and we all need employment in the near future. Most of the degree holders are now jobless and it is all because of the rush and unnecessary race.

Do we not agree that we all are artists in one way or another? Why not practice the art and become better at our respective levels and perform it. Why not make our hobby our profession? Why not become a dance teacher, open singing classes, take tutions or start a cooking class? Why not think out of the box? Why only rush for a desk job? Why not start small? Remember, every successful business now was once a small initiative.

Dear parents, tell your child to practice that drawing she loves or the football he loves to play. Tell them to bring the best out of them. Take them to places they can showcase their talents. Teach them to be fearless. Do not make them rot and rush for a desk job which is not even their choice.

The only way we can save our nation’s unemployment problems is by bringing the artist out of ourselves. Practice the art we are best at and no one will be able to hold us back. Only the passion turned profession can be the saviour of our doomed future.

Education system of India teaches us a lot but not all of us want to be taught that. This is one major reason of being deprived of education. If you want to learn, learn the things you love. If you are passionate about something, go deeper and deeper into it. Don’t look back at the big mouths that utter nothing important. Don’t fall into the false trap of the society. No job is big or small, it’s the mentality that is compared by size.

Lastly there’s this thing that we all need to keep in mind, Education is not spoon feeding. It is not throwing money to buy jobs. Life is not a race. Always remember that earning less and satisfactorily is way better than earning 6 figures and yet not being happy about it. What would you do to a life where you start working at 9 and end up tired and stressed for the next day at 11? Yes, it will bring you money but will you take that money to your grave? No one does. What counts is how happy we are when we are alive.

Archee Pal
Archee Pal
Most of the times I'm not sure what I'm writing but when I'm done, it turns out to be one of the best masterpieces of mine.


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