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Buying Guide: 5 Things Apart from Solar Battery Price You Need to Check

Solar energy is the future, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, sun is a major source of energy that does not only exist infinitely but causes zero harm to the environment. Once you use solar energy to save electricity and reduce the impact of carbon footprint and the global warming, there’s no going back. There’s no switching back to traditional sources of energy.

So, if you are planning to get your hands on solar panels and install them on the roof of your house or the workspace, you must give equal attention to a solar battery. There are numerous factors apart from solar battery price that you need to check. 

Buying Guide: 5 Things Apart from Solar Battery Price You Need to Check

Source: Luminous

This is because most of the time, the only thing we consider is the solar battery price, which shouldn’t be the only case. If you buy a solar battery only based on the solar battery price, there is no guarantee whether it will work fine for a longer period as compared to a branded solar battery. Solar systems can be extremely useful for both commercial and non-commercial spaces. 

Here are some of the different aspects that you need to focus on apart from just the solar battery price:

Battery Capacity 

The first factor you need to focus on is the battery’s capacity. A solar battery can store 20 Ah to 200 Ah power. Though it will depend upon the backup you are looking for, other factors affect it as well. These include how much energy your home equipment requires and the size of the solar system attached to it.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is, the more capacity your battery has, the longer it will run during a power outage. 

Technology Used 

The technology used in the battery affects the solar battery price as well. Currently, there are three options available when it comes to batteries- tubular, flat-plate, and GEL. Maximum people prefer GEL and Tubular solar batteries. However, tubular batteries are highly effective and a sound choice.

Depth of Discharge 

A battery needs to retain a minimal charge percentage to deliver outstanding performance. By knowing the depth of discharge, you will get to measure the extent to which you can utilize the battery without recharging it. For example, if you utilize the battery beyond its capacity, it may shorten the battery’s actual lifespan. Apart from this, the battery will not deliver the optimal performance it is supposed to. Remember to charge the battery before it hits zero. 

Warranty Period 

Solar batteries are designed to perform flawlessly and require infrequent maintenance. But that doesn’t mean you don’t require a warranty with the technology you’re buying. Connect with the sales support to know about the warranty period and the terms and conditions. 

Generally, the warranty period extends from 12 to 48 months. But it differs from the type of batteries, and the brands you choose them from.

Charge cycle 

Just like it’s essential to know the depth of discharge, knowing the recharge cycle of a battery is necessary as well to evaluate its life cycle and performance efficiency. But what makes a complete cycle? Every time your solar battery will completely use up its stored energy and then get fully recharged, it completes a cycle. 

A typical solar battery can complete around 3,000 to 5,000 cycles, though this differs according to the solar battery and the brand. Therefore, when you are buying a solar battery, apart from enquiring about solar battery price, enquire about the charge cycle. Ensure that you choose one with a high charge cycle.

Parting Thoughts

Buying solar batteries is a little tricky task; however, keeping the right points in mind, you can reach a decision that will give you a higher return on investment. To invest in the best solar battery price, check out a wide range of solar batteries at Luminous, one of India’s most trusted brands. 

When it comes to inverters, batteries, and solar products, you can trust Luminous with your eyes closed. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Luminous website or showroom and buy your solar battery today!

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